The Situation Facing Ireland

After centuries of just about surviving varying degrees of colonial oppression, Ireland and Her people are in a corresponding state of repression. The pain of losing our language and superior social system has given birth to multiple generations of Her children who simply choose to never give any consideration to those things, and to negate our whole identity altogether, as a result. This lack of any meaningful national character has opened us up to various third parties who take advantage of our innocent island-consciousness. If we don’t turn to our Pre-Colonized heritage soon, the Irish will be a minority within our own borders by 2045, and all evidences of our culture will be no more meaningful to the newcomers than the Great Pyramids are to the Muslims of Egypt today.

The Solution

We can give bulletpoint ideas to work from, but our main purpose should be to come together as Irish men and women and discuss our own Irish way of solving Irish problems. We call for a cultural revolution through the rebuilding of family and community – the bedrock of any successful society. It’s through fighting, working, and surviving with one another that we forge the deep bonds that protect society from corruption, invasion, and other plights. This ancient condition will not magically reappear, it must be fostered.

  • Learn Our Language and Myth: Gaelic Irish is not just English or Latin with different words, it’s a whole library containing our peoples’ history and state of consciousness. When treated with reverence, our own language and mythology has a profound effect on us – it makes us MORE IRISH. Speaking a language and being versed in Ethnic lore also sets a people apart, making them stronger as a group. Read More on learning Irish.
  • Talk To Each Other: The Internet is truly an untapped resource for us and should be capitalized upon as a means of finding others nationally or locally whom share our national pride. When we engage each other in discussion or speaking Gaelic Irish we normalise those things, instead of being alone in a culture that doesn’t care for them, and you losing enthusiasm as a result. We reinforce each others behaviours and interests all the time – why not consciously choose our peers? These people don’t have to share your political or religious views – you’re Irish and that is reason to work together.
  • Meet Regularly: When enough of us are in an area or city, let’s meet informally, for whatever reason we please. True and lasting bonds are only forged when we are facing adversity or solving a problem together. In the process of teaching each other Irish or collaborating on a project we will learn of the skills, strengths, and weaknesses of one another, creating a network of ordinary folk who look to each other before looking to anyone else.
  • Establish Lodges: It should be a goal for each group to establish and maintain a lodge as a physical manifestation of their unity, serving as a neutral space we can teach each other in, explore ideas in, and potentially govern ourselves from. Well managed, such spaces will be beacons to our fellow countrymen which they can draw strength from.
  • Reach Outwards: If we’re successful at the above, we should venture out into our communities. Times are bleak, and we as the Native population are suffering the most. Take a few hours out of your week to fix a granny’s shed door, clean upĀ  a dirty street, give a neighbour’s car a tune-up. Altruism for it’s own sake is a statement of community ownership and an expression of abundance and nobility. People will be attracted by this and want to feel it for themselves if it is framed as a cultural revolution.
  • Political Stances From Positions of Power: Whichever way you slice it, the average Westerner is cynical of political ideology and tend to not even consider fringe voices that come from positions of powerlessness. Social and economic principals that are generally considered as radical are easily ridiculed and derided when the source of these ideas have no perceived moral framework or physical holdings. In our ancient Brehon system influence was earned by having clear morals and possessing wealth, and today that social metric still exists in our people. Be careful of making demands of a world which you offer nothing to in exchange.