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December 2015

Why Israel Can Get Lost

Get lost – idiom originally from the Yiddish ver farvalgert, meaning “to go” or “move away”, 1947 or earlier, used in contempt or exasperation with somebody’s presence or communication.

Being one who swims against the current in a geopolitical and ideological sense I’ve found myself swimming alongside some unusual and sometimes, frankly, disgusting schools of fish (see what I did there?). One of these distasteful varieties are in need of a good probing. They’re usually found squawking “If you don’t like Islam, then support Israel”, leading me to wonder whether the common sense of “the enemy of my enemy is not my friend” is really that common after all. Read more

F**k Anglosphere

As it becomes clear to pale-skin people that they are not a global majority and are in fact in danger of losing their homelands, there is a tendency to identify with Anglosphere. In an effort to ensure survival, pale-skin people are uniting and calling themselves white. That makes sense. I’d just like to urge my genetic cousins to smell that Kool-Aid before you drink it, it might be poisoned.

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