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April 2016

What It Means to be Irish

A humbled Irish Identitarian here with a heartfelt ode to our peoples’ spirit and ancestors. Please give me poetic license because I’m not speaking with my head primarily and it would be unfair if it were to be taxed with the responsibility of answering for my heart’s fancies. It’s out of celebration and storytelling I open my gob at all. Read more

Addendum – I’m Not White

This is a transcript of a YouTube video.

Hello. Irish Identitarian here – rather, AN Irish Identitarian – because I’m not alone in my position.

This is an addendum to the video “I’m Not White – I’m Irish.” Unlike my other releases I will call your attention to the video once or twice as I have examples to show you.
When I released the original video I sparked a lot of debate, particularly over at Morgoth’s Review as well as a lot of anger. I found myself insulted, condescended to, and in one particular case had my bodily integrity threatened. Read more

I’m Not White – I’m Irish

This may upset some people and lead to this channel’s first ever thumbs down, but please know that I’m not here to offend, be divisive, or be a traitor to my people. Please listen to my thoughts on the subject in full. This may cost me political allies, but I need to follow Truth wherever it takes me. My people have valued the pursuit of Truth from millennia and I am determined to continue that quest to the best of my abilities. To this end, I declare myself sovereign and independent from any individual or group, White Nationalist or otherwise. Read more