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May 2016

The Genesis of Racial Tension in Ireland

Americanism is a supremely dominant culture in the English-speaking world. It percolates down into other cultures via their media and other powerful industries, slowly changing us. We Irish, being shielded until just recently from other cultures, have no idea how unique a worldview we possess. A lot has been said about the cultural gap between the Irish and the immigrants flooding into our and other countries, yet we would be fools to not look to the West. The American mentality is harsh, spiteful, tense, and often unforgiving. They’re also very racial in their worldview. Read more

Trump Will Sabotage Himself

I’m aware that I will trigger people when I say that Trump is not a friend of America, Europeans, Christianity, Freedom, or whatever it is that he’s been touted as through the course of his bid for Republican nomination. I frankly don’t give a damn because I like to surround myself with people capable of critical thinking – no love lost, here. Having said all that, I’ll start with my prediction. Read more

Those Who Reek

anticipatory passion in your heart.
that stirs, with every word of your tongue.
beauty you have missed while spent young.
Goodness, if it were along your veins to start

art that traces the roots of time,
and ascends to its very core,
through rungs filled with every hour and night afore,
left yet, explorable in ecstatic rhyme.

those diaries of ancestral paradigm mistaken.
and lessons of gout and wartime,
ye european men, it is time you awaken.
with honour, remember procesessions of our time.

arouse the fire inside your blood, you hunt,
bring forth the vengeance you seek.
trials, and testaments will stand affront
and shadow the shivering, smell of those who reek.

— Christoir UĂ­ Fiachrach