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December 2018

Open Letter to Yellow Vest Ireland

You may be interested in reading or listening to the audio of my writeup on the Yellow Vests, which deals with the Loyalist eviction gangs and their likely source and ultimate purpose.

If you’re in the Yellow Vests as a leader or activist, you likely have no idea who I am. I’m just an Irishman who likes to antagonise the Alt Right, take the piss out of the National Party, and lend constructive criticism to Irish Nationalists across the board. Give me a few moments to turn that attention toward you. Read more

Yellow Vests, Smellow Shests – May as Well Be Red Vests

One of those times I write up a script, put it on the long finger, and then months later my prediction starts coming to fruition. Let me take you on the trip down memory lane before I get into the Yellow Vests – the few weeks immediately after Court appeals failed and “former” MI5 agent and RUC head, Drew Harris, was appointed as our Garda Commissioner. This is a man with an axe to grind with the Irish as the IRA – or British intelligence posing as the IRA – Read more