9 Questions For Antifa and the Left

I have questions for Antifa and the Left in Ireland after the 6th of February when masked thugs, who arrived with 100s of Leftists, ganged up on a handful of people and injured them. At one point they identified 2 people as PEGIDA supporters who weren’t even, and chased them down O’Connell Street.

1. Can you distinguish between racism and the desire for self-preservation in a traditionally ethnically pure country?
2. If not, were the Zulus and other tribes racist for raiding and fighting unarmed Afrikaans who had settled unoccupied land for decades?
3. Why, to your mind, when many Europeans migrate to non-European countries, most or all of them are there to destroy or hijack that culture, but when many non-Europeans migrate to European countries, most or all of them are NOT there to destroy of hijack the culture. Why are non-Europeans necessarily superior to Europeans? Is that not racist?
4. How do you reconcile calling yourself Anti-Fascist with bringing violence to the streets of Ireland when a minority of the population peacefully uses their democratic right of demonstration and protest? Isn’t it the very definition of Fascism to be so convinced that your plan for society is the correct one that you would use violence to enforce it? How can we reasonably suspect that if you had control of the state that you wouldn’t simply continue to terrorize people with that power?
5. How does it feel knowing that I’m afraid for my bodily integrity to speak publicly about my reservations and fears over the policies running my country? Are you proud to be terrorists and are you proud to be building a totalitarian regime?
6. How does it feel to be a violent extreme of your political ideology – the other side of the same coin? How does it feel to be as animalistic and pathetic as radical racists? How does it feel to be just another idiot dominating the political narrative and discussion with violence?
7. Do you plan to drag Ireland down into a conflict similar to the last days of Weimar Germany where Nazis and Communists murdered each other in the streets, terrorizing the public?
8. If you know that violence and intimidation isn’t the answer, what will you do to show us that you are accountable for your actions, and what will you do to let your comrades know that this behaviour isn’t appropriate?
9. Are you aware that most people who oppose mass-immigration in Ireland are actually aligned with the Left on certain social and governmental issues? Are you aware that if the Left refuses to work with people based on opinions about immigration, we run the risk of polarizing the country along that line and ultimately losing those social and governmental battles?

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  1. Brian says:

    Another question for these brainwashed idiots in Eirigi and the SWP would be:
    How do you feel about freedom of speech? Oh yes, you’re all for it when you’re spouting your cultural marxist vitriol but when people voice their concerns about mass immigration, feminism or the gay agenda they are horrible nasty racists and haters and should STFU.
    So well done antifa you are against freedom of speech and are doing the governments work for them.
    Btw, I think that Pegida are controlled opposition. The fact that Israeli flags are flown at their rallies is a big red flag for me.
    Good site. Keep up the good work.

  2. Anti Antifa says:

    The facists of the future will call themselves anti facists.Quote from Winston Churchill.Antifart fit this category perfectly.Whatever noble ideas this bunch of misfits started out with disappeared a long time ago.They now just use any excuse to attack freedom of speech and fight with anyone who disagrees with their opinion.Antifart proudly acting like tossers for far to long.