Addendum – I’m Not White

This is a transcript of a YouTube video.

Hello. Irish Identitarian here – rather, AN Irish Identitarian – because I’m not alone in my position.

This is an addendum to the video “I’m Not White – I’m Irish.” Unlike my other releases I will call your attention to the video once or twice as I have examples to show you.
When I released the original video I sparked a lot of debate, particularly over at Morgoth’s Review as well as a lot of anger. I found myself insulted, condescended to, and in one particular case had my bodily integrity threatened.
I distinction made obvious to me by this drama is between two different types of White Nationalist – The American White Nationalist, who are bitter bullies, and Irish/British White Nationalists who were courteous and rational. The latter type engaged me in an intellectually honest way and we shared a common respect for each other as Europeans facing a common enemy and a common challenge. This approach seems to be beneath American and other White Nationalists as the overall feeling I was left with was that of being bullied into a position.
Thanks to the expansive nature of the Internet my heresy has been forgotten about – and for that I’m glad – however I do know that if I were to push the envelope on these subjects I’ll be visited again with the same barbarism. I’ve seen this behaviour before in the online world where anyone taking a Nationalist or Pro-White position is bullied into taking very particular stances. This was even the fate of Sinead McCarthy – a White Nationalist who isn’t a stranger to flinging mud herself.
My main thesis here is that White Nationalism – a lá United States – is ideologically colonizing Nationalism of pale-skinned people around the world. This became a personal experience after Morgoth of Morgoth’s Review wrote up a profile of this channel – a website with a variety of Nationalist readers from around the world. Although the man himself and others invited this vital discussion of race and ethnicity, the non-European Nationalists took this as an affront to our racial cohesion and all white people everywhere. in other words, they claimed ownership of me.
Let’s make something very clear here – I’ve been operating this channel for 3 months now and up until a week ago I hadn’t received a simple spiteful piece of feedback or even a solitary thumbs down. This isn’t because I’m amazing and infallible, but because most people see value in others expressing honest opinions and helping the word get out there. We discussed differences of opinions and found middle ground. Yet as soon as my channel was exposed to an American audience that constructive atmosphere changed.
Something White Nationalists should understand is that it was them who sought ME – not the other way around. I didn’t call myself a White Nationalist or beg to be part of their group – I merely expressed my IDENTITARIAN perspective. The clue is in the name of the YouTube channel and website. My main concern is the survival of my people and the maintenance of our lineage and land. I stand in solidarity with my fellow Europeans facing the same endangerment, but I never once said I’m a White Nationalist or on the Alt. Right. Yet they’ve decided they own me based on nothing but my Nationalism and my skin colour.
This ideological colonialism is expressed in their two edicts: Don’t punch to the Right and, to paraphrase, don’t punch WHITE. Encapsulated: Whitey and Righty, dindu nuthin’. And according to these people, I’m guilty of having done both.
I have to fundamentally question the edict of “Don’t Punch to the Right.” If these people are, as they say, critical of our Eternal Enemy – wink wink, nudge nudge, you know who I’m talking about – then they should dispose of this mental trap of a linear 2-Dimensional political spectrum which was born out of proto-Communist Revolutionary France. This is how THEY want us to think about politics. But let’s leave that fundamental error to the side and look at what the edict actually means.
At the heart of this edict for most people is a desire to build and maintain a united movement, as a house divided cannot stand. A national and global problem needs to be addressed nationally and globally by a cohesive movement that doesn’t have to worry about disagreements and brothers wars. I’m down with that and recognise it as essential, but that’s not my experience of the edict. I’ve been punched many times from within the Right and found the edict thrown in MY FACE. Others who’ve been punched by the Right are the race traitors we call Cuckservatives – yet they’re on the Right, whatever their stance on immigration and race. So what does “Don’t Punch to the Right” actually mean?
It appears to mean PRECISELY what the words say. Don’t punch TO the Right – not, “don’t punch ON the right” or “don’t punch THE RIGHT.” To visualize this, imagine physically sitting on a 2-dimensional line, 2 degrees to the right of center. That means you can punch the guy to the Left of you, even though he’s on the right, but you can’t punch anyone to the right of you. This may not be what a lot of people are thinking when they use this phrase, but it is literally what it means and ultimately how it’s used.
So what’s the ultimate conclusion to this idea? Can we not openly criticize people who make Right Wing proposals? Does this mean that the more socially dominant, Capitalistic, Corporatist, and racially supremacist is sacrosanct? Does this not ultimately lead to a drift further and further to the “Right”? Does that mean the most optimum form of society, economics, and government are already pre-determined for us and it’s only a matter of time an Hegelian process brings us all to those conclusions?
You might say I’m making a leap here, but Humanity’s an old friend of mine. I’ve been around it long enough to know what happens to people in the middle of clashing extremes and see very little conscious awareness of this historical process.
So, since it wasn’t clear to some people the first time around, I declare to White Nationalists and Alt. Righters that I am not one of you.
The second edict which doesn’t have a name, but I call “Don’t punch WHITE”, has only appeared to me once. The reason I only ever heard it once is because nobody’s had a reason to say it until I started talking. It seems to be implicit in these movements that there is no use in critiquing other groups of white people, which is, like the other edict, an attempt to hold white people together in order to face a common enemy. Again, I’m down with that, but I refuse to excuse all white people from criticism. While writing this, the Monty Python song “Every Sperm is Sacred” comes to mind, only I’m thinking “Every WHITE Sperm is Sacred.” It comes from the implicit Reductionist idea of genetics – that genes are everything and the center of it all. So when any variation, off-shoot, or diaspora does something or is in danger, it deserves our full support.
This concept has absolutely no precedence in history whatsoever. Nobody ever gave a shit about their wider genetic identity. The British enslaved other whites just as they enslaved blacks, for example. Despite Europeans recognising white as a racial designation that sets us apart from other races, many ethnicities we count as white today weren’t seen as such in ages past, and the concept of global white unity is only emerging now. You don’t even see this level of unity amoung the other races – just tribal and ethnic unity. Unlike White Nationalists, the rest of the world is more ethnically orientated because we know that just because a group of people share our racial heritage doesn’t mean they’re not assholes.
We have both experiential and scientific evidence to show us that not only races, but ethnic groups share dispositions and predispositions to ways of thinking and behaving. Even Adolf Hitler – the super hero of White Nationalists – understood this better than White Nationalists themselves. His life’s work wasn’t to preserve the white race, but the Germanic race. He aimed to make the Germanic elements of his people prominent again and saw different ethnic groups as separate.
Despite global Anglosphere media, we whites are all different. Having been separated for long periods of time by tribal and political distinctions we have grown into distinct people with recognisable traits. I’m sorry to say this, but the most recognisable trait of European diasporas is arrogance. Americans, South Africans, and Australians have brought a lot to this world and definitely do have traits worth celebrating, but damn they are arrogant. I reserve the right to point this out as well as the dark history those people have inherited. It’s a product of their arrogance that they refuse to acknowledge the suffering they’ve caused to other peoples. Their refusal to admit that they’re animals like all the rest of us – territorial and hostile creatures with as many sins behind them as anyone else, and in some cases more.
What bothers me about White Nationalism is that the tone is being set by white Americans. Their ethnic experience is supposed to become our universal racial experience. I can’t allow myself or my people to be colonized by a backwards diaspora that is nearing extinction. I refuse to throw any more resources at the people who fled their motherland and entered into a dangerous situation, both isolated from Europe and surrounded by other competing tribes. With or without our Eternal Enemy plotting our global demise, the white diasporas are doomed everywhere except Australia. Why is every white sperm sacred? What’s the point in fretting over nature taking its toll? Even if we did see ourselves as one big macro-organism – what’s wrong with conceding America and Africa? If we really wanted those continents we could just wait for a more opportune moment in history, pepper bomb the shit out of the place, and send a few 10,000 European settlers over there and start again.
So, since it wasn’t clear to some people the first time around, let me declare that I’m not white. I’m an Irish Identitarian.

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