BBC & Anti-White Racism

I just finished watching a Russia Today report on the backlash against a publicly funded charity in Britain offering internships in the media industry explicitly to non-whites. This has understandably upset a lot of people as it is fundamentally racist and under closer inspection is disingenuous – it is not an attempt at inclusivity, but another assault on native Britons.

Despite Anti-Discrimination legislation passed in 2010 ruling out the racial discrimination of any sort in terms of employment, it weasels it’s way around the legislation by calling it an internship. This is a ridiculous and insulting method of gauging whether something can be called racist and we only have to ask ourselves what the public reception might be if the BBC were to offer internships to whites only. A clue can be picked up from the public and media reaction to scholarships offered by Milo Yiannopolis in 2015 and an American man in 2011. We will be told that out of the view of the camera or microphone, British media is dominated by white Britons, and this means non-whites are discriminated against and systematically held down – but is this actually true?

In this new century of Atlanticism it is the assumption of anti-racists that everywhere in the world is just as racist, is systematically racist, and is racist in the same way as the United States, which requires the exact same treatment. It is a racist assumption itself as it doesn’t take into consideration which group of people built the country, which ethnic groups are now in the country, and when they all arrived, along with an avalanche of other factors. It treats pale skinned people all one way and dark skinned people all one way – assuming whites are eternally at the top and privileged as a homogeneous class and non-whites are eternally at the bottom and underprivileged as a homogeneous class. This is not multicultural Britain, yet it is being treated as such. Britain is a CLASS society that at one point was racist – No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish – but the class system prevailed and now you find people of colour going to wealthy schools, living in wealthy areas, and running their own businesses. The selective and disingenuous anti-racist will point to the black ghettos as evidence for “the black man being kept down” as if their condition is an exact replica of the African Americans in U.S. ghettos. Although that condition is still tragic and nobody should have to live like this, it ignores the fact that many white Britons generationally live in the same conditions and often worse. The post-industrial poverty and prevalence of alcoholism and drug addiction amoung white Britons is more serious matter. In a cruel twist, these are the offspring of the people who literally built Britain, while a constant influx of non-natives pours into the country to live off of it. Race isn’t the issue in Britain – it’s CLASS.

Let’s turn our attention to the concept of nepotism. In any organisation or institution a culture will be fostered where those in the organisation will favour their own people – give them jobs, contracts, and so on. This is fundamentally an innocent social mechanism and reinforces any class structure in it’s society – as the wisdom goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” The career anti-racists have unfairly framed the nepotism of British media as a racial issue – an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence, yet these demagogues haven’t launched any investigations. The conspiracy theorist in me wants to declare that this isn’t incompetence, but a very deliberate step in the program of White Genocide. Perhaps the nepotism in the BBC and other organisations needs to be shaken up, however this method won’t accomplish much as there are millions of underprivileged white Britons who aren’t being given a chance to prove their innate abilities. As far as the demagogues are concerned, those people can go get fucked. The real agenda behind this is to break up the natural inclination of white Britons to choose who they want to work with, and worse yet, convince white Britons that they’re evil for wanting to do so. Meanwhile on the other side of the fictitious racial continuum, every other ethnic group is entitled to practice nepotism because at least it’s “diverse”.

Native Europeans in all their countries should be aware that when the time comes that they’re a minority in their own countries and non-whites are practicing their own nepotism, nobody will be there to protect us and correct the balance. This is evidenced by the weaseling tactics of the BBC calling their program an internship to avoid discrimination laws – it’s a taste of what’s to come.

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