Beware IRB Infiltration

Every so often the fenian spirit rises in the youth of Ireland and a resistance is formed. As soon as this resistance gains some momentum, the Irish Republican Brotherhood emerges from its swamp to claim ownership of it. This is the modus opporendi of this Freemasonic splintergroup assigned to moderate the revolutionary spirit of the Irish. This has happened several times in the past twenty years and I have reason to believe it’s happening again, now that this generation’s resistance is finding its feet.

For my warning to make sense, let me establish a little context. Let’s take a look at our nation’s flag – or rather, the flag of the Free State government – and post-colonial history of the United Kingdom.
We’re taught this basic bitch story in school about the tricolour. Do you remember that one? Green for the Irish Catholics, Orange for the Loyalist Protestants, and White in the middle resembling peace between the two? On what planet does that even make sense? If that should be a flag for anywhere, it should be the North of Ireland because the South doesn’t even have Loyalists in it. And even if it were the flag of the North it still wouldn’t make sense as there wasn’t any peace between those two peoples and The Good Friday Agreement is turning out to be a brief armistice. Here’s a better explanation of what first appears to be a basic bitch flag, but is really an esoteric one.

The United Kingdom packed it in, starting with the American Revolution in the late 1700s. It became apparent that the external hegemon was becoming less viable in a world that was learning liberal ideals and it was time to draw back the tentacles closer to home. But quitting the colonies altogether would be suicide for Britain’s economy, so they left their banks and Freemason spy networks behind to re-colonise the post-revolutionary countries, all to be commanded from the City of London. This operation has been demonstrably successful as you can track the majority of world finance back through the City of London, and with the recent 300th Anniversary extravaganza of the Free Masons we know exactly who they work for as the keynote speech included a reaffirmation of the order’s loyalty to the Queen.

Ireland is no exception to this post-colonial enterprise. Focusing mainly on the Freemasonic angle, we actually have two offshoots of the order here in Ireland: The Orange Order and The Irish Republican Brotherhood. We can discuss whether the IRB were initially formed by masons or whether it was infiltrated and modeled after Freemasonry, but these two organisations are facsimiles of the original Order. They control who rises to the top in their respective societies and how their military wings function. Between those two managerial forces, the historical struggle between the native Irish and the Loyalist colonists is played out like a pantomime. In the case of the Free State, the IRB merely regulates the indominable fenian spirit that’s destined to rise almost every generation in response to our post-colonial condition, acting as a safety valve as our sovereignty and racial integrity is sold out from under us.
Now let’s consider our tricolour again… at the risk of being lynched by my fellow Irishmen for suggesting this isn’t the symbol of our independence and national spirit – it’s patently masonic. The IRB, the Orange Order, and the mysterious White Men in the middle moderating the interaction of the two. Who are these White Men? Could they be the queen’s masons themselves or perhaps the long-corrupted Druidic Order? The answer to this question is immaterial to this essay and would require a deep dive into what many would consider “conspiracy theory.” Not to mention I simply don’t know, nor do I want to give the impression that I do.

Lets bring our focus back to Wednesday, February 13th of 2019. After Gemma O’Doherty and friends blockaded Google HQ in Dublin in response to continued censorship, she took to the air with yet another “friend” of hers by the name of Vincent Byrne. I don’t know who this man is in terms of who he’s involved with and to what level, but he’s not an honourable man. His presence anywhere should be cause for alarm.
Circa 2009, a freeman-on-the-land style community named Tír na Saor had been on the scene for about a year. By then they had a community radio stream and Vincent Byrne naturally filled the void of the lead radio presenter. This position and his participation in real-life meetups earned him an administrative position on the website. When Vincent Byrne was well established he brought on an older gentleman whom he introduced as a good friend of his and President of the Irish Republican Brotherhood – or, more accurately, the Grand Master of the Irish Republican Brotherhood – Billy Maguire. Along with spurious esoteric ramblings, Mr. Maguire touted a great mystical ritual to be held in Dublin every January involving the turning of a seal or some such other nonsense which conferred the sovereignty of the Free State and blah blah blah blah blah. Upon hearing the rebroadcast of Mr. Maguire’s appearance I decided to raise the alarm – admittedly not in the most mature way – by simply living a one-lined statement in the forum: “Billy Maguire is full of shit.” I went to bed that night thinking nothing of it, that maybe it would draw some criticism for being crude, but would at least get people talking about the legitimacy of this man’s claims and what he wanted us to believe and do. But upon logging in the following day I found my user group had been modified along with several of my forum posts to make me out to be a Satanist or some such other nonsense, as well as private messages from Vincent Byrne and co to the effect of “how dare you.” Suffice to say, everything came out in the wash two years later, but the infamous name of Number 6 (my handle there) never fully recovered. If you’re at all interested in the details of this, the founder of Tír na Saor addressed the infiltration in a 2 hour and 47 minute podcast which I’ll link below.

Watch the words and actions of Vincent Byrne very closely as he’s now wormed his way into our movement. Like many who have been exposed in this and other truth movements, he has a history of lies, deception, distortion, and pilfering of funds. I’m not a person to hold a grudge for more than a few years or decide that another man is beyond redemption, but for now he should be considered guilty until proven innocent. If anyone out there is taking this warning seriously, please consider contacting Gemma O’Doherty and bringing her attention to this material. Tell her there’s a snake in the garden.

Vincent Byrne of TNSradio tracing & bullying – pastebin

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