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Beware IRB Infiltration

Every so often the fenian spirit rises in the youth of Ireland and a resistance is formed. As soon as this resistance gains some momentum, the Irish Republican Brotherhood emerges from its swamp to claim ownership of it. This is the modus opporendi of this Freemasonic splintergroup assigned to moderate the revolutionary spirit of the

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Let’s THINK About Abortion

I’m not interested in preaching to the choir or trying to wrestle with those who don’t agree with me and shove my philosophy down their throat. I want to give people a few bits of information that’s missing from both the Yes and No campaigns and the public dialogue in the run up to this

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Never Mind the Bollocks of the Orange Walk

Today in Glasgow The Orange Order did their usual annual peacock display of ethnic and religious supremacy which is often the scene of violence when conducted in North Ireland and always a scene of hatred when conducted anywhere. Liam O’Hare of CommonSpaces made an official complaint to Scottish police after today’s march in Glasgow was

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