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Why I Oppose Mass Immigration

I’m speaking to you as a non-typical Irish Nationalist. The Leftist Nationalists call me a neoconservative spouting thinly-veiled racism, while the Right or Alt Right calls me a Leftist and say I’m a race traitor because I married a black woman and I don’t believe that other races are intrinsically inferior. I’m a political refugee

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THC, Cannabis, and Addiction in Ireland

In most Nationalist circles here and abroad the cannabis plant, it’s flower, and it’s active compound THC are looked down upon, along with everything associated with them. Most want to treat it the same as any other potent material, both synthetic and natural, which means to aggressively suppress it’s supply and use.

A Case Against AnCap & Libertarianism

To State or not to State, that is the Libertarian question.  According to Anarcho-Capitalism and Libertarianism, Humanity can be divided along the lines of who ideally project a society with government and who doesn’t – in other words, those who are willing to initiate force to compel ideological compliance from others and those who are

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The Genesis of Racial Tension in Ireland

Americanism is a supremely dominant culture in the English-speaking world. It percolates down into other cultures via their media and other powerful industries, slowly changing us. We Irish, being shielded until just recently from other cultures, have no idea how unique a worldview we possess. A lot has been said about the cultural gap between

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BBC & Anti-White Racism

I just finished watching a Russia Today report on the backlash against a publicly funded charity in Britain offering internships in the media industry explicitly to non-whites. This has understandably upset a lot of people as it is fundamentally racist and under closer inspection is disingenuous – it is not an attempt at inclusivity, but

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Trump Will Sabotage Himself

I’m aware that I will trigger people when I say that Trump is not a friend of America, Europeans, Christianity, Freedom, or whatever it is that he’s been touted as through the course of his bid for Republican nomination. I frankly don’t give a damn because I like to surround myself with people capable of

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What It Means to be Irish

A humbled Irish Identitarian here with a heartfelt ode to our peoples’ spirit and ancestors. Please give me poetic license because I’m not speaking with my head primarily and it would be unfair if it were to be taxed with the responsibility of answering for my heart’s fancies. It’s out of celebration and storytelling I

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Addendum – I’m Not White

This is a transcript of a YouTube video. Hello. Irish Identitarian here – rather, AN Irish Identitarian – because I’m not alone in my position. This is an addendum to the video “I’m Not White – I’m Irish.” Unlike my other releases I will call your attention to the video once or twice as I

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I’m Not White – I’m Irish

This may upset some people and lead to this channel’s first ever thumbs down, but please know that I’m not here to offend, be divisive, or be a traitor to my people. Please listen to my thoughts on the subject in full. This may cost me political allies, but I need to follow Truth wherever

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