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International Speculation is Destroying Our Country

Normally a country is a sovereign sphere, a place that defines that it’s territory belongs to a particular people who live inside that sphere. Normally that sovereignty protects it’s inhabitants from land and resource speculation by International concerns. This is actually a fundamental attribute to a sovereign country that is non-negotiable. The fact that Ireland

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Multiculturalism Destroys Landbases

Multiculturalism, despite containing the word culture, is by definition the opposite to culture and thus corrosive to it. Also by definition, a multicultural society will develop a master culture which necessitates the dissolution of the cultures it contains in order to gel it’s people together in commonality.

9 Questions For Antifa and the Left

I have questions for Antifa and the Left in Ireland after the 6th of February when masked thugs, who arrived with 100s of Leftists, ganged up on a handful of people and injured them. At one point they identified 2 people as PEGIDA supporters who weren’t even, and chased them down O’Connell Street.

Why Israel Can Get Lost

Get lost – idiom originally from the Yiddish ver farvalgert, meaning “to go” or “move away”, 1947 or earlier, used in contempt or exasperation with somebody’s presence or communication. Being one who swims against the current in a geopolitical and ideological sense I’ve found myself swimming alongside some unusual and sometimes, frankly, disgusting schools of fish

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F**k Anglosphere

As it becomes clear to pale-skin people that they are not a global majority and are in fact in danger of losing their homelands, there is a tendency to identify with Anglosphere. In an effort to ensure survival, pale-skin people are uniting and calling themselves white. That makes sense. I’d just like to urge my

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