Dictatorship – The Only Thing Ireland Understands

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I can’t sleep. It’s midnight after the so-called “abortion referendum” and I can’t sleep. Exit polls told us the vote was 68 to 69 in favour, which wouldn’t surprise me, but a part of me wonders if things didn’t turn out as expected, so they’re telling the Yes voters they won so they can drink themselves half to death in celebration and won’t riot like the Hilbots did in 2016. They are, after all, the most rabid and unthinking of the two sides. And one percentage of difference is a queer closeness for two separate exit polls. But still, somebody voted Yes. Somebody in my family. Somebody I know as a person, and I know them to be fundamentally good. I fear for their souls.

Every time the Irish have been given the opportunity to vote on anything, they’ve shot themselves in the foot. Oh yeah, except that one time when we rejected The Lisbon Treaty and Bertie Ahern said “Ah, now lads. You didn’t really mean that. Let’s try again” and we actually passed the damn amendment. We’ve given up every conceivable right at this stage to an external power, and thus any right to govern ourselves Democratically. Now we’ve gone and removed the only Constitutional protection of ALL unborn children. I think I see a pattern here. We’re a nation of spineless bitches. After fathomless centuries of subjugation by our stronger neighbour, we fled in terror from freedom within a few decades to an even bigger subjugating force and it seems we can’t get rid of our rights fast enough. Ironically, I’m left hoping that World War Three does indeed break out so we get occupied by Russia or China – they’ll take better care of us than Britain, the EU, or even better than we can take care of ourselves. It seems we’ve been under somebody else’s heel for so long, we literally have no genetic memory at all of ever being autonomous.

So that got me thinking… Monarchy’s not such a bad idea, eh? If we’re going to just hand over all our power to any foreign governmental or corporate entity that offers us the most jobs at the first opportunity we get, why not just cut to the chase and admit what we are. Instead, have our own home-grown tyranny. But for a Monarchy we’re going to first need families. That’s the idea of Monarchy, they’re bloodlines. In the old Irish way, it wasn’t an exact system of procession from father to son, but rather families would accrue merit in their communities, making the heads of those families eligible for the position. It won’t be totally like Brehon Law since that had a small-D democratic element to it, and we’ve already proven to ourselves that we can’t even handle the most simplest decisions – like, does an unborn child have basic rights. We’ll at least have to have an interim period of absolute monarchy.

So while the rest of Ireland slowly acculturates itself to the idea of abortion as a form of contraception, let’s leave them to commit suicide and build our own families. Carve out little spots of our own. Wait for Europe to collapse into its inevitable grave. Slowly interlink our little familial Monarchies.

Hey, look. This referendum has taught me something – make lemonade or get left with some moldy lemons and die of thirst. Deal with reality on its own terms. Learn how to turn unfortunate times into fortunate times. History repeats itself and now might just be the beginning of better times.

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