Beware IRB Infiltration

Every so often the fenian spirit rises in the youth of Ireland and a resistance is formed. As soon as this resistance gains some momentum, the Irish Republican Brotherhood emerges from its swamp to claim ownership of it. This is the modus opporendi of this Freemasonic splintergroup assigned to moderate the revolutionary spirit of the Irish. This has happened several times in the past twenty years and I have reason to believe it’s happening again, now that this generation’s resistance is finding its feet. Read more

Open Letter to Yellow Vest Ireland

You may be interested in reading or listening to the audio of my writeup on the Yellow Vests, which deals with the Loyalist eviction gangs and their likely source and ultimate purpose.

If you’re in the Yellow Vests as a leader or activist, you likely have no idea who I am. I’m just an Irishman who likes to antagonise the Alt Right, take the piss out of the National Party, and lend constructive criticism to Irish Nationalists across the board. Give me a few moments to turn that attention toward you. Read more

Yellow Vests, Smellow Shests – May as Well Be Red Vests

One of those times I write up a script, put it on the long finger, and then months later my prediction starts coming to fruition. Let me take you on the trip down memory lane before I get into the Yellow Vests – the few weeks immediately after Court appeals failed and “former” MI5 agent and RUC head, Drew Harris, was appointed as our Garda Commissioner. This is a man with an axe to grind with the Irish as the IRA – or British intelligence posing as the IRA – Read more

Kevin Sharkey for Irish Identity

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I’d like to discuss political strategy – first off by mentioning that we don’t have one for Ireland. A strategy entails not only holding an ideology and forming a political party – it requires an over-all multi-phase plan, prescribed roles, and jobs/tactics for each of those roles which people can carry out on a daily or weekly basis. Right now, all I see is recruitment and cult-like entrenchment; social media streams of fear porn; and calls for people to vote for the National Party. If you want to call that a strategy, it’s a losing strategy. Read more

Dictatorship – The Only Thing Ireland Understands

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I can’t sleep. It’s midnight after the so-called “abortion referendum” and I can’t sleep. Exit polls told us the vote was 68 to 69 in favour, which wouldn’t surprise me, but a part of me wonders if things didn’t turn out as expected, so they’re telling the Yes voters they won so they can drink themselves half to death in celebration and won’t riot like the Hilbots did in 2016. Read more

The Legal Reality of the 8th Amendment

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Last week I published a pretty lengthily multi-pointed argument, but it was so long I don’t trust anybody but the most patient or those who already agree with me to read it – and that’s fine. Polls show most of us are pretty certain of our views on the upcoming referendum anyway, but I’d ask that you look closely at one more thing before taking to the booth. The most important thing: the legal wording and mechanism currently in place and how it’s absence will be dealt with. Read more

Let’s THINK About Abortion

I’m not interested in preaching to the choir or trying to wrestle with those who don’t agree with me and shove my philosophy down their throat. I want to give people a few bits of information that’s missing from both the Yes and No campaigns and the public dialogue in the run up to this month’s Constitutional referendum. In other words, only listen to this if you can and want to think critically. Life’s too short, so let’s not waste each other’s time. Read more

Justin Barrett – Idiot or Controlled Opposition?

A few days ago I released a critique of the National Party followed by a sincere and thoughtful action plan that would transform it into an effective party. Within the first 12 hours, the comments were reasonable and measured – still ridiculous, with most of them beginning their statement with “You have a point, but muh partah.” Idiotic, but at least sincere. After the 12 hour mark, they just turned into bile and ad hominems. Read more

Never Mind the Bollocks of the Orange Walk

Today in Glasgow The Orange Order did their usual annual peacock display of ethnic and religious supremacy which is often the scene of violence when conducted in North Ireland and always a scene of hatred when conducted anywhere. Liam O’Hare of CommonSpaces made an official complaint to Scottish police after today’s march in Glasgow was serenaded with The Famine Song, by drunken Scottish blockhead Loyalists, as it has been found by the Courts in 2009 to be racist and thus a breach of public order when sung. Just watch the video cited to police by O’Hare. Read more