Why I Oppose Mass Immigration

I’m speaking to you as a non-typical Irish Nationalist. The Leftist Nationalists call me a neoconservative spouting thinly-veiled racism, while the Right or Alt Right calls me a Leftist and say I’m a race traitor because I married a black woman and I don’t believe that other races are intrinsically inferior. I’m a political refugee stuck between two uncompromising extremes who don’t even understand my positions and ideas and neither want to understand them. However, my positions and ideas are as closer to the common sense of ordinary people. I wish to appeal to your common sense if you’re open to it and hopefully convince you that the level of immigration we’re receiving in Ireland and greater Europe is – on all levels – a gigantic mistake for all involved, except maybe for the people responsible for creating those conditions. Read more

Swastikas in Irish Gardens and Clothing Stores Named “Hitler”

As one does, I found myself Googling a question that randomly came to mind, which may or may not inform my future decision-making, and I found an Irish Independent article from 2012 which brought a mischievous smile to my face – “Outrage at Nazi flag that flew in garden.” It told the story of a community of little Hobbits who were terrified that Saoron and his Orcs might one day come marching through their little village if they caught wind of the supporters who live amoung them. A family home out in the Shire flew a low-quality NSDAP flag out the back of their private home, near one of those plastic kids’ playhouses, alongside a United States flag. Read more

Ireland Imports Black Lives Matter

I want to say from the outset of this piece that the grievances of Black Americans, African Americans specifically, have substance to them. Proportionally, 4 times the number of African-Americans are unlawfully killed by police than European Americans – but it should be noted that a European American is 3 times as likely to be killed by a police interaction. My point is that this is a complex issue that needs to be discussed with a cool head and absent of political lies and misleads, and the culture within American policing needs to be somehow reformed and demilitarized. Whatever I might say about the BLM movement, these grievances still stand. Read more

A Case Against AnCap & Libertarianism

To State or not to State, that is the Libertarian question.  According to Anarcho-Capitalism and Libertarianism, Humanity can be divided along the lines of who ideally project a society with government and who doesn’t – in other words, those who are willing to initiate force to compel ideological compliance from others and those who are opposed to such a thing. On the surface this makes the question of Statism clear and simple – I’ll demonstrate that few things, not least people, are ever this simple and that the AnCap and Libertarian position relies too heavily on this simplification. Read more

The Genesis of Racial Tension in Ireland

Americanism is a supremely dominant culture in the English-speaking world. It percolates down into other cultures via their media and other powerful industries, slowly changing us. We Irish, being shielded until just recently from other cultures, have no idea how unique a worldview we possess. A lot has been said about the cultural gap between the Irish and the immigrants flooding into our and other countries, yet we would be fools to not look to the West. The American mentality is harsh, spiteful, tense, and often unforgiving. They’re also very racial in their worldview. Read more

Trump Will Sabotage Himself

I’m aware that I will trigger people when I say that Trump is not a friend of America, Europeans, Christianity, Freedom, or whatever it is that he’s been touted as through the course of his bid for Republican nomination. I frankly don’t give a damn because I like to surround myself with people capable of critical thinking – no love lost, here. Having said all that, I’ll start with my prediction. Read more