Those Who Reek

anticipatory passion in your heart.
that stirs, with every word of your tongue.
beauty you have missed while spent young.
Goodness, if it were along your veins to start

art that traces the roots of time,
and ascends to its very core,
through rungs filled with every hour and night afore,
left yet, explorable in ecstatic rhyme.

those diaries of ancestral paradigm mistaken.
and lessons of gout and wartime,
ye european men, it is time you awaken.
with honour, remember procesessions of our time.

arouse the fire inside your blood, you hunt,
bring forth the vengeance you seek.
trials, and testaments will stand affront
and shadow the shivering, smell of those who reek.

— Christoir Uí Fiachrach

What It Means to be Irish

A humbled Irish Identitarian here with a heartfelt ode to our peoples’ spirit and ancestors. Please give me poetic license because I’m not speaking with my head primarily and it would be unfair if it were to be taxed with the responsibility of answering for my heart’s fancies. It’s out of celebration and storytelling I open my gob at all. Read more

Addendum – I’m Not White

This is a transcript of a YouTube video.

Hello. Irish Identitarian here – rather, AN Irish Identitarian – because I’m not alone in my position.

This is an addendum to the video “I’m Not White – I’m Irish.” Unlike my other releases I will call your attention to the video once or twice as I have examples to show you.
When I released the original video I sparked a lot of debate, particularly over at Morgoth’s Review as well as a lot of anger. I found myself insulted, condescended to, and in one particular case had my bodily integrity threatened. Read more

I’m Not White – I’m Irish

This may upset some people and lead to this channel’s first ever thumbs down, but please know that I’m not here to offend, be divisive, or be a traitor to my people. Please listen to my thoughts on the subject in full. This may cost me political allies, but I need to follow Truth wherever it takes me. My people have valued the pursuit of Truth from millennia and I am determined to continue that quest to the best of my abilities. To this end, I declare myself sovereign and independent from any individual or group, White Nationalist or otherwise. Read more

International Speculation is Destroying Our Country

Normally a country is a sovereign sphere, a place that defines that it’s territory belongs to a particular people who live inside that sphere. Normally that sovereignty protects it’s inhabitants from land and resource speculation by International concerns. This is actually a fundamental attribute to a sovereign country that is non-negotiable. The fact that Ireland cannot adequately protect it’s citizens is an unmistakable sign of it’s status as just another member state in The United States of Europe and just another vassal state of the New World Order. Without the capability to execute absolute control over it’s land and resources it is basically ineffectual and very close to becoming non-existent and no more a sovereign territory than The Claddagh fishing village is today. Read more

Multiculturalism Destroys Landbases

Multiculturalism, despite containing the word culture, is by definition the opposite to culture and thus corrosive to it. Also by definition, a multicultural society will develop a master culture which necessitates the dissolution of the cultures it contains in order to gel it’s people together in commonality. Read more

Why Israel Can Get Lost

Get lost – idiom originally from the Yiddish ver farvalgert, meaning “to go” or “move away”, 1947 or earlier, used in contempt or exasperation with somebody’s presence or communication.

Being one who swims against the current in a geopolitical and ideological sense I’ve found myself swimming alongside some unusual and sometimes, frankly, disgusting schools of fish (see what I did there?). One of these distasteful varieties are in need of a good probing. They’re usually found squawking “If you don’t like Islam, then support Israel”, leading me to wonder whether the common sense of “the enemy of my enemy is not my friend” is really that common after all. Read more

F**k Anglosphere

As it becomes clear to pale-skin people that they are not a global majority and are in fact in danger of losing their homelands, there is a tendency to identify with Anglosphere. In an effort to ensure survival, pale-skin people are uniting and calling themselves white. That makes sense. I’d just like to urge my genetic cousins to smell that Kool-Aid before you drink it, it might be poisoned.

Read more