F**k Anglosphere

As it becomes clear to pale-skin people that they are not a global majority and are in fact in danger of losing their homelands, there is a tendency to identify with Anglosphere. In an effort to ensure survival, pale-skin people are uniting and calling themselves white. That makes sense. I’d just like to urge my genetic cousins to smell that Kool-Aid before you drink it, it might be poisoned.

It is true that pale-skinned people within the confines of Europe share an historical bond across national and cultural borders, as well as a substantial genetic similarity. In fact, even though our different ethnic identities are easily distinguished by a seasoned eye, most European people possess an impressive genetic variety.
For example, there may be an inordinate number of blonde haired/blue eyed people in Scandinavia, but you will sometimes get someone with black hair and green eyes. There may be an inordinate number of Irish with black hair and blue eyes, but you will sometimes get someone with grey eyes and brown hair. When you go to Belgium or Germany, you’d be able to tell a German is German and a Belgian is Belgian, but these are the most mixed Europeans on the planet (much to Hitler’s chagrin). Conversely, Asians, Eurasians, and (indigenous) Central Americans, can be found in separate and very distinct groups.
Undeniably, we Europeans share a long history together.

Why does that mean we all have to be British/Anglo-Saxon and Pro-America?

In my time flirting with the Pro-White movement, speaking with pale-skinned people in America and Britain, I found that my particular Ethnocentrism wasn’t going to be catered to, for the most-part. With the exception of some who embrace any Irish or German heritage they may have, Pro-Whites are entertaining some fucked up ideas about Europe.
To them. nothing of note occurred in Europe until Christianity arrived and England became it’s own empire. They seem to perceive a vast chasm of time between the collapse of Rome and the rise of the United Kingdom. In fact, they seem to perceive a vast chasm of SPACE since Rome could barely take hold of North Europe, with exception to England, Wales, and France. Since nothing of note – civilization-wise – was going on there, maybe God didn’t make that part of Europe yet? Or was it the nippy weather that scared the Romans away? I thought those Roman legionaries were tough! What was so formidable in Europe?

Obviously it was the fucking Celts and Vikings. The Romans lamented our existence, as interesting as we were to them anthropologically. The pushback from North Europe was as formidable as the pushback from the South and East, and I’m not about to pretend I don’t know why history class drops off with the collapse of Rome and picks right back up with Charlemagne. It’s clear as day. Jew-sprout religions and Judaism only recognises Judaism or other Jew-sprout religions as worth mentioning – everyone else was just a filthy Pagan. It’s called fratricidal arrogance. Of course Greece is recognised – without the Greeks we wouldn’t be able to calculate numbers or think critically; and of course Rome was recognised, because Jews lived in the empire and inspired Christianity as a State religion. To the East you had the Arabs. These assholes would have completely forgotten about the Arabs if they didn’t invent an infinitely more horrific version of Judeo-Christianity 800 years later and become a nuisance up in the Levant.
How about, who was in North Africa before Rome established a province there? Carthaginians? Who the fuck were they?

The Guals!?…. I haven’t a clue either.

I’ve always fancied Judaism as the Black Plague. Began in one place, was brought to where vulnerable people lived, mutated and spread North, mutated again and spread East and then back up to the Levant when it got done with West Asia. The zeal enjoyed by people who were lucky enough to not only to know there was one God, but also believe in him, had a leveling effect on the land and any non-believer standing in the way. That transition between Rome collapsing and Charlemagne rising was a horrific, systematic, non-stop march forward to fully Christianize Europe. The “pagan” people who were spared the sword converted and began to forget their ancestors’ ways, aided by a climate of fear.

If you think I’m stating the obvious, you’re right – conquered people are soon forgotten… except the Greeks…. and the Nazi Party.
We didn’t forget about ourselves, though, it’s our conquerors who forgot about us. Our conquerors live to this very day. They’re Pro-Whites and White Supremacists who have the audacity to tell me, an ethnic Irish citizen, that we’re equals. That our people shared a common history we equally participated in and benefited from. I liken this proposal to a homeless crack addict burning down my home and saying “Now we’re both homeless”.
The imperial culture people like this worship for giving them advances in science, technology, philosophy, and the trades, was one built on the sweat, blood, and screams of weaker ethnic groups. I’m not expecting an apology, sympathy, or for Anglo-Saxons to feel guilty, It’s not my problem if a Christian and/or Loyalist actively chooses to ignore half of history and carry on like we’re friends. The most important component of a friendship is TRUST. To this day the British establishment is yet to answer for countless war crimes about which it continues to stall on simply admitting to and following up with disciplinary action. Due to the official narrative of history set by Britain, the whole world, including most Irish people themselves, are under the impression the Irish suffered a famine. They don’t even want to admit to the mass theft of agricultural products from Ireland, causing the so-called “famine”.
I’m not saying the Anglo-Saxon people and establishment are being malicious, I’m saying they don’t give a fuck. How can I call a man a brother, or a woman a sister, when there’s no compassion involved? My people live on a tiny island that was utterly defenseless to Britain’s might. 400 years later, nothing’s changed except the British now have nuclear warheads and we don’t.
And when I see the Brits take the torture and anti-guerilla techniques they learned in my country and use them against Arab captives and civilians half way around the world, I genuinely have to contemplate the possibility of them coming back to resume their Irish genocide program.
Yeah… call me paranoid, but the world is changing fast. Let me put it this way: how many Germans in 1890 could guess that the entirety of Europe would team up with Russia and bomb the shit out of them for the next 55 years?

If you consider the fact Ireland has been surviving consistent warfare, oppression, and starvation (see: genocide) at the hands of Britain for 100s of years before Africa, India, and The Americas; I would go as far to say we have more in common with black people and Native Americans, than to any people in Europe except the Slavs, and maybe the Icelanders. Really, the only difference between the Irish and African-Americans is a sovereign territory we didn’t have to share with the assholes who fucked our shit up…. and oh yeah, all those loans the EU forced us to take in the 90s and the loans the IMF forced us to take in the 2000s – the interest of which we are still paying off!

hmm… I wonder which race was behind those two organizations…

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