I’m Not White – I’m Irish

This may upset some people and lead to this channel’s first ever thumbs down, but please know that I’m not here to offend, be divisive, or be a traitor to my people. Please listen to my thoughts on the subject in full. This may cost me political allies, but I need to follow Truth wherever it takes me. My people have valued the pursuit of Truth from millennia and I am determined to continue that quest to the best of my abilities. To this end, I declare myself sovereign and independent from any individual or group, White Nationalist or otherwise. I can’t afford to relinquish my independent mind in order to fit an already prescribed concept of ethnicity and race. I cannot in good conscience erase my peoples’ history and ways of life in favour of a concept of ethnicity and race that has been manufactured overseas by people who I share very little with outside of what is, in truth, a small genetic similarity – in that we’re both indigenous to the same continent and only in rare cases, from the same country. Living elsewhere on the planet, sometimes for 100s of years, informs a different racial experience. These people are informing the racial narrative of English-speaking Europe. Given their numbers, dwarfing the numbers of racially-conscious Europeans, online, they are enforcing a standard view of race. And I’ll dare to say, as Americans, they’re also quite pig-headed about it.

As an independent person I feel stuck between two polarized forces – on the literal Left we have the status quo multicultural or cuckservatism and on the literal Right we have the “Race Realists” and White Nationalists. What these two polarized worldviews have in common is a prepackaged and simplified answer to the questions around ethnicity and race. The establishment is telling us there is no such thing and that the world would be a much better place after both the concept and reality of race is destroyed. The White reactionaries are telling us that Africans are inferior and relations with other races is an act of treachery. What has become increasingly clear to me is the prohibition against wrongthink from both polarized groups. This is intellectual tyranny and can only ever lead to actual tyranny, like we’re seeing with the establishment today, where even ordinary people on Facebook are having their homes raided for posting content cynical of the unlimited immigration displacing their people. We would be fools to think “our guys would never be so draconian. Only commies do that.” It is an afront to reason and is wishful thinking. And on the other hand, those who have no problem with the idea of a jackboot slamming down in the heads of people who defy government policy are damn fools and no brothers of mine. If we’re to be proud of being European, then let it be for an actual reason. Our strength originates from our individualism tempered by allegiance to our people and our intelligence. We have evolved past the need for dictators to control our very beliefs and thoughts. In our world of ever-consolidating international and transnational powers, our people have been fighting in parallel for our right to be individuals.

If to be white means that I must ignore the history of our planet in exchange for the simplistic and unscientific belief that Africans are inherently less intelligent, that Asians are inherently superior, and aboriginal people are fauna – then I want nothing to do with it.

If to be white means that nobody of another race can come to MY COUNTRY for good cause, out of a love for Ireland and Her people – then I want nothing to do with it.

If to be white means that I should be any more comfortable importing 200,000 white Americans, French, or Polish, as opposed to 200,000 non-Europeans, ignoring the fact that this will have no less of a devastating effect – then I want nothing to do with it. And besides, miscegenation would be more rapid as Europeans are more attractive to other Europeans, as non-Europeans are to the same. So it’s arguably worse.

If being white means that I cannot associate, work with, and grow to love others of another race; and if being white means that I cannot take a wife whom I met abroad or while she was visiting Ireland – then I want nothing to do with it.
if being white means trading in my peoples’ history and pretending the horrors of the past weren’t inflicted upon my people in the same manner they were inflicted on other indigenous people – then I want nothing to do with it.

The Irish, I must remind you, saved all your asses. Not only were we construction and meat processing fodder for the American empire, but our ancestors safeguarded the treasures of European culture – kept it safe from the advance of the Roman Empire northward through Europe. They could conquer Britain, but not Ireland and Scotland,. Being naturally protected by a boundary of water, we provided safe harbour for more and more Saints and Scholars as ages passed – this is why they call Ireland the land of Saints and Scholars. Upon the collapse of Rome, my people spread throughout Europe to help revive it. We’re not just a tiny island. We’re a library of the world. The land itself is an encyclopedia. Scholars and scientists still argue over whether Irish Gealic of Sanskrit is the oldest coherent language.

What shapes our conception of whiteness today is born of Christianity, the British Empire, and it’s offspring The United States of America. It sets the tone and context of what it is to be white. It is a socio-political rank that is bestowed to ethnic groups. An honour the Irish – AKA White Niggers – didn’t enjoy, until our diaspora lynched some black people during the New York Draft Riots. After which, our economic standing miraculously changed. I know that today when we say white we are strictly talking about the European stock. That’s what we say and that’s our genuine position, but behind that we still live with the ghost of the past. The last time Europeans were ever one big happy family like the White Nationalists want us to be was prior to the Roman Empire. Before that point we had, for lack of a better term, a Celtic Empire. It’s said that you could leave your home in West Ireland or France, travel to Russia, and find hospitality. You may not speak the same language or Gods as these people, but you would have enough in common with them that language isn’t vital and your Gods are roughly the same. You won’t read about this high culture in the Roman or Catholic Church records. They didn’t give a fuck about other people, just whether or not they were under Rome’s influence or not.

Life goes on and things change, but what has been presented to us as European culture is only a fraction of the story, and now we have a movement on the rise that is happy to settle with that tiny fragment of history and promote it as if it’s the whole story. That tiny fragment brought the most ideology-driven bloodshed Europe has seen to date as well as a Roman worldview that is, let’s be honest, MULTICULTURAL – with a state religion to boot. The Roman empire had no real concept or care for race. They were what you might call Civic Nationalists. Their aim was to bring Roman culture to the world and bring world culture and people back to Rome. It’s only fitting then that they would invent a state religion – a Judaism for non-Jews. This religion, which incorporates European Paganism in the form of Sainthood, is really just a way for non-Jews to worship the Jewish sand god, as non-Jews could never become Jews. It’s also the FIRST EVER multicultural religion. Like Roman culture, Christianity is for all peoples. It’s not tied to an ethnic group, and if it was tied to an ethnic group, it would be Arabic, as we have recently discovered the man who became Jesus was really a King in what’s now Northern Syria.
This multicultural and egalitarian philosophy was adopted and replicated by the British Empire and others, which developed both theological and secular philosophies to that effect – spreading those ideas to the four corners of the Earth.
….. and we wonder why we’re in the situation we’re not today.

So, no. I’m not white. No thank you. I’m Irish.

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  1. Reese MacGruder says:

    You just crashed and burned any resonance your message might have had with the only real audience that matters in 2016 white identity.

    You are a clueless anti-white piece of shit, as an enemy to the survival of the white race, you should be isolated and destroyed.

    In the meantime, enjoy the diversity that you and your “allies” have won for yourselves!!!

  2. Passerby says:

    I’m sad to see you falling into elite traps.

    I don’t want to see the Irish disappear as a distinct group but if white people, collectively, are destroyed, as they are being destroyed the Irish won’t somehow get a magical free pass.

    200k non-white immigrants will go a long way to bringing that about.

  3. katana says:

    Howard, your blog has been featured in a post over at Morgoth’s Review. You may want to have a look and perhaps respond to some of the comments.


  4. katana says:

    Well, most of the guys there are quite reasonable and will respond in a helpful way to genuine dissent. I think you’ll find it a worthwhile experience to interact with people who probably have thought like you, to varying degrees, but have moved on, becoming red-pilled, as they say.

    • Howard says:

      I see 7 original comments there. One I don’t much care for and one was an interesting conversation that I enjoyed. I don’t see why I should interact and I’m not interested in being red pilled. Thank you

      • katana says:

        I get that from your current position, being “red pilled” looks like a terrible thing to happen to an individual, like developing some kind of mental illness. But if one is interested in truth before comfortable beliefs, then it can lead to what “polite and politically correct” society calls, a “heretical” worldview.

        A bit like realizing that 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 5.

        • Howard says:

          Please don’t condescend to me. You’re wearing on my patience. Actually, my patience is gone. You don’t know who you’re talking to and I suggest you go away and think about how you approach complete strangers online. If I had my own rudders you’d have no doubt that I’m very familiar with heretical and un-PC thoughts. Who the fuck are you to come along and talk to me like I’m a child?

  5. katana says:

    Well, sorry to get up your nose! I only know who I’m talking to by what I’ve read on your blog here.

    And going by that and listening to a bit of your youtube video, I take it that you are a young fellow, that now I can see has a high opinion of himself.

    Look, I’m not trying to talk down to you or to condescend.

    It appears that you’re not wanting to engage in a civil discussion with someone who disagrees with you.

    • Howard says:

      Not by your fast and loose definition of civil, no. We haven’t gotten to the point of finding our disagreement before you started acting out. Your most recent comment reads to me like a description of your own behaviour. You can’t even admit when you’re talking down to another person. How much of an inflated self-opinion do you need to pull that one on yourself?

      Seriously. Go get fucked.

  6. katana says:

    OK, I’m sorry to have given you you the impression that I spoke to you as a “child”. It appears that I was actually talking to an infant, who thinks flinging insults is all part of a discussion.

    Well, I’ve exercised the patience of a racist saint here, but to no avail.

  7. Celticlight says:

    I think I would largely agree with what you have said – albeit with a couple of reservations.

    It can be seen that many forms of universalism have a tendency to trounce the complex diversities that exist all around us in the long run, and in the end promote a very superficial understanding of what are more correctly distinct and special realities. This is the case with American ‘whiteness’ and other racial classifications. These new-age classes effectively nullify what is truly sovereign and cultural, they being a mere blanket quantification of something that’s really much more personable, qualitative and natural.

    I would argue that even the description of a person as an ‘American’ is a similar phenomenon. It’s a universal identity that was created specifically for rendering down special qualities into a massified, materialistic form. Here people become malleable and reduced to machines. They can be made into consumers and as slaves to corporate-type identities (unnatural).

    In ‘American’ we see what America is all about. As Woodrow Wilson said: ‘The business of America is business’ – and the resulting Americanisation which followed has led to a ‘leveling’ effect in every dimension.

    To conclude I think ‘European’ at least can be acceptable if given the correct value, but only if we remember that it is always going to be of a lesser value to the superior meaning of ‘Irish’ etc. European culture is a sum of various parts, a way of life mustered by different peoples’ united by a common biological strand. This last part an example where ‘white’ may be applicable, but we should refrain from it in my opinion. Using these terms and thinking in this fashion is equivalent to ceding our cultural authority and laying is at the foot of US empire.. no I’m not an anti-American, I’m just pro-Irish.

    I think a better term to replace white for us is ‘the West’, ‘Western’ or ‘Europe’, though even these also have problems. A common bond needs to be recognised on the biological level at least, as biology plays a large role in the forming of culture itself. This culture then informs society as a whole. It’s biological similarity that leads to cultural similarity, and the reason why we Europeans are similar, probably having the same bio-cultural origin at some point.

    Cheers for the post.