International Speculation is Destroying Our Country

Normally a country is a sovereign sphere, a place that defines that it’s territory belongs to a particular people who live inside that sphere. Normally that sovereignty protects it’s inhabitants from land and resource speculation by International concerns. This is actually a fundamental attribute to a sovereign country that is non-negotiable. The fact that Ireland cannot adequately protect it’s citizens is an unmistakable sign of it’s status as just another member state in The United States of Europe and just another vassal state of the New World Order. Without the capability to execute absolute control over it’s land and resources it is basically ineffectual and very close to becoming non-existent and no more a sovereign territory than The Claddagh fishing village is today.

Goldman Sachs has purchased a loan from indebted developers, Michael and Richard Larkin, and so own a development of 208 residential properties. Out of the 208, 60 families reside in them. These people have all been served notice that their leases will not be renewed. It’s clear that Goldman Sachs, a Zionist megabanks, doesn’t give a fuck about our people. it just wants to speculate and turn a profit. We Irish are handy at fucking over ourselves, but never to this horrifying extent of inhumanity, and we could always deal with our own as we know where they live – in Ireland – and we can force their hand in an emergency. There’s very little our government can do to protect us from Goldman Sachs.
Our housing situation in Ireland is inadequate and the social disparity is making it worse. Currently 700+ families are homeless in the country and Goldman Sachs wants to add the better part of 60 to that figure. This is a number we are struggling to aid.

Most everyone reading this has concerns about our borders being open to anybody who wants to wander in, but what about our open legal and economic borders that allow dominant transnational concerns to wander into our sacred land and disenfranchise the natives?

Fianna Fail spokesman Michael McGrath observed that Goldman Sachs used underhanded tactics of market manipulation in order to acquire such assets and gave a warning that should be on the headlines of every newspaper – “There is a real risk now that action of this type will be stepped up once these funds feel that the political backdrop is more favourable for them.”
In other words – international concerns like the Goldman Sachs firm can see that we did not protect our people or our country. Like burglars in the night when they know the CCTV cameras are just dummies and the alarm isn’t plugged into the mains.

Our relationship to Goldman Sachs and other megabanks isn’t confined to this week’s news. Since 2011 the State had paid in excess of 100,000,000 Euro for economic advice. At least 11,000,000 has gone to Goldman Sachs to this date. This unusual relationship began in 2010 going into 2011 when the Department of Finance required advice on the selling of AIB and has again been contracted by the Department in 2015 for more AIB problems.

McGrath in 2014 had said “It seems to me that any time a serious decision has to be made or a new initiative undertaken, expensive external consultants seem to be the first port of call.”

Our government is filled with unelected criminals selling our sovereignty over to world powers and probably aided Goldman Sachs in the purchase of the residential development as a favour. We need to reclaim our government, seat by seat, and end malignant relationships like the one we have with Goldman Sachs. A megabank who defrauded the U.S. government in 2010, is perfectly describes by Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone magazine as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”

Ireland will soon be no more if it doesn’t reaffirm it’s sovereignty and protect it’s people from international predators.

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