Ireland Imports Black Lives Matter

I want to say from the outset of this piece that the grievances of Black Americans, African Americans specifically, have substance to them. Proportionally, 4 times the number of African-Americans are unlawfully killed by police than European Americans – but it should be noted that a European American is 3 times as likely to be killed by a police interaction. My point is that this is a complex issue that needs to be discussed with a cool head and absent of political lies and misleads, and the culture within American policing needs to be somehow reformed and demilitarized. Whatever I might say about the BLM movement, these grievances still stand.

Ever since it’s inception, influential people within the leaderless Black Lives Matter movement have occasionally called for the murder of white police officers. On July 6th of 2016, this actually happened during a BLM protest in Dallas, in response to the brutal unlawful killings of two innocent, and legally-armed, black men. It’s my experienced opinion that this shooter, with connections to Military Intelligence, was either a patsy or a mercenary with an ulterior motive. It’s clear that (((somebody))) wants to stoke the embers of racial tension in America to provoke a race war – but not only in America, but by infection, the whole Western World. And this incident appears to do wonders for that cause as it has both angered whites around the world and caused blacks to celebrate online and dance in the streets.

Black Lives Matter is not just an American movement anymore – they enjoy solidarity in Britain, France, and other countries with a concentration of blacks. A global black consciousness is on the rise as American racialism is being broadcast throughout the West and is spreading like wildfire. Just as Whites around the world are beginning to see themselves as one entity targeted and treated in the same manner, Blacks are also adopting this philosophy. This wouldn’t be a problem if many of them didn’t hold several disgusting and misguided beliefs about Western nations and White people – they believe that we’re the devil and that we are always destined to try subjugate them. Many even believe that they are of a superior race. Many of us are tired of repeating this, but it needs to be said: when White people congregate to talk about or act on European issues we are almost always branded as secretly racist, but there appears to be a social and legal dictate against pointing out the racism in congregations of political Blacks.

As the Black Lives Matter movement gains more speed it is still young and will take any so-called “solidarity” that it can get. Today of this writing, even Blacks in Ireland – of all places – are being politicized. Almost like clockwork, after US racial tensions reach their highest in decades, our very own Anti-Racism Network Ireland and Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland, have organised a rally in Dublin tonight in solidarity with BLM… but not only in solidarity with BLM standing up against racially motivated police brutality – but in solidarity with ALL people with dark skin. The organisers state:

We therefore stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the US and their struggle against deeply ingrained institutional racial prejudice, but also against this international system of white supremacy.

Despite the various different racial and ethnic groups plaguing the people of the 3rd world, including the Arabs and Chinese, we’re still being told that white people are the sole abusers and the masterminds behind all non-white suffering in the world. These people have an agenda and as I’ve said before, Black Lives Matter will happily take this so-called “solidarity” and run with it. If only black people in the United States understood ARNI’s real agenda, they might realise that these people don’t give a fuck about Black lives…

“The devaluing of dark skin also stretches beyond the borders of the US and underpins our indifference to the 10,000 people that have drowned in the Mediterranean since 2014, and to the 5,000 people currently incarcerated in the Direct Provision system here in Ireland,”

ARNI’s real agenda is not to bring value to darker skin, but to convince the natives of Ireland – an incredibly un-racist and overly generous people – that they share in the evil of having pale skin. It is to devalue pale skin. If there’s a way to bring the world to the brink of a race war, this is it right here. Flood a compassionate and welcoming island with complete strangers, convince the natives that any critical analysis of the demographic change is evil, then import a volatile Afrocentric political movement. This vile mutation of BLM would be more accurately called “Any Darker-Than-Italian Lives Matter.” It’s main and ultimate message in Ireland and to the Irish people – “Take more immigrants and give them more stuff, you racist Irish fucks.”

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