Justin Barrett – Idiot or Controlled Opposition?

A few days ago I released a critique of the National Party followed by a sincere and thoughtful action plan that would transform it into an effective party. Within the first 12 hours, the comments were reasonable and measured – still ridiculous, with most of them beginning their statement with “You have a point, but muh partah.” Idiotic, but at least sincere. After the 12 hour mark, they just turned into bile and ad hominems. After a while of playing the pariah for these guys I’ve learned the routine – it takes a few hours for one of them to pick up on my video and report back to the Cabal of Wankers. Since nothing of substance is ever posted in the comments section and these guys seem to love it so much, I’m keeping them closed from here on out. See guys, this is how trolls work – we identify your vulnerable spots and your comforts, and we attack. One of the most vulnerable spots today is Justin Barrett and the National Party as a whole – not because they’re good at the job or anything, but simply because “muh partah.” The same protective tactics are employed when I criticize the NP as when I criticized the Alt Right and Identity Ireland: “You have a point, but don’t criticize the only thing we have.” Both of those are now dead – with no help from myself – and were catastrophic PR failures. On their way out the door, they even wasted a whole year of our time campaigning for a lesser-of-two-evils globalist which did nothing to benefit our own nation. In an ideal world I’d have had the heart and the time to continue shooting pygmy darts to hasten their demise and mitigate their damage – I won’t make that mistake with the NP, which has shown itself to be ten times more destructive than its predecessors.

Justin Barrett’s appearance on Comedy Central’s The Jim Jefferies Show was an yet another unforgivable blunder or a very well executed conspiracy. The segment of the show was clearly aimed directly at the Irish population, given how much it resembles the RTÉ style 10 minute storytime comedy show, popularized in the 90s. It weaved a convenient little story loaded with shame and guilt – you know how much we Irish love our stories and our guilt. It gave fair air time to the Repeal campaign and then turned the No campaign into a joke, not honestly showcasing the position at all. The sheeple who saw this (at least going by the YouTube comments section) had absolutely no problem with the pronounced bias and as a result swallowed all of the subtext like a big juicy load and said “thanks.” What’s the subtext? That Justin Barrett, and by extension the No campaign, only has hyperbolic soundbytes and… oh dear… Nationalist politics is comprised of lunatics. How Justin Barrett ever thought that he’d get a fair shake from Comedy Central – an unashamedly Liberal outlet – is beyond my understanding… c wat i did thar?

Can we please get beyond the 1,000 year old Irishism that compels us to cling to a movement or party because it’s the closest thing going? I know “Perfect is the enemy of good enough,” but this is abominable. These people either don’t know what they’re doing or they know exactly what they’re doing, and actually working against us. Time to clear the road for real alternatives to emerge – for honest and intelligent Irishmen to take the lead. Real statesmen who don’t waltz into clever traps by basing their strategy on whatever’s in the fucking news cycle.

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