Multiculturalism Destroys Landbases

Multiculturalism, despite containing the word culture, is by definition the opposite to culture and thus corrosive to it. Also by definition, a multicultural society will develop a master culture which necessitates the dissolution of the cultures it contains in order to gel it’s people together in commonality.

Culture in the sense of the language, ways, and artefacts of a people shares exactly the same word root as every other sense of the word. It comes from the Latin “colere”, which can be translated into our current English: Cultivate. To cultivate means to guard and refine something. In terms of horticulture, it means to refine a plant to bring forth a particular quality for a particular purpose. In terms of agriculture, it means to refine the land to grow a particular vegetable or grain and protect that land from weeds and other vegetation from encroaching and strangling your crop.

The word culture being used to define the language, ways, and artefacts of a people is no mistake. For millennia backward in time family, civic leaders, tutors, and priests, instilled the youth with the collective wisdom and sensibilities of their people – generation after generation – also retelling stories of great men and women who stood on the very same ground, both protecting and forging the civilization the current generation now enjoys the gifts of. Most cultures stressed that the powerful wisdom and inspiring tales being handed to the youth came with an obligation – to protect that wisdom, those stories, and the material security of their people for the benefit of their progeny.

In an Irish and European context this unbroken chain has been severed in a short 4 generations. If there’s an Irish people to speak of in 100 years, I am certain this will be looked back upon by wiser people as a great travesty and probably a very selfish act.

The abstract nature of the Human creature allows for us to objectify and devalue living things, including landbases, turning them into symbols in our minds as opposed to living realities that we are a part of. A landbase is an ecosystem which a creature depends upon to survive. Most creatures are prone to over hunt or over graze if their population exceeds Carrying Capacity or they are confined to an area, just like we Humans are prone to do in emergencies – but what you will never see another animal do is destroy the entire landbase upon which it survives.

We are threatening our very existence on this Earth by our ecological genocide of it. There is a direct correlation with our loss of indigenous culture and the destruction of our habitat. Without our relationship to the stories and wisdom of our ancestors, we lose care for our environment; without our environment, we lose care for the stories and wisdom of our ancestors; and the cycles appears to feed into itself.

In an Irish context, the centuries of British aggression and genocide has seen an astronomical reduction in the flora and fauna of the island. In certain moments of that history, it seemed wickedly intention, such as that of Oliver Cromwell. This has accompanied the death of our language, mythologies, and instruments of culture. That long and brutal history is a crime that is yet to be recognised by even ourselves, never mind it being addressed in any conscious way.

To bring the conversation back to multiculturalism, I pose the question to you: why, when we have only just come to an era of free information and record levels of literacy, and are now in a position to redeem our culture, before we are conclusively swallowed up by the Anglo-American superculture, are we then bringing 100,000’s of strangers onto our tiny island and giving them equal footing with us?

I don’t mean to insult our visitors. After all, they’re as victimized and alienated from their roots as we are… but with all due respect, they’re not visitors. The vast majority of them will never leave once they have arrived. Their willingness to leave the land of their ancestors and permanently settle elsewhere instead of staying and fighting for it tell us that they don’t care what happens to it. It also tells us that they would find it very hard to understand the love we have for our own ancestors and land. The few of us left here who are sensitive to the call of our ancestors and the precious fragility of our land will find ourselves evermore rapidly in the minority.

Who amoungst us gives a shit about our natural fisheries and lifted a finger to stop the Chinese salmon farms from ruining them? Who amoungst us gives a shit about our forests and lifted a finger to stop them from being sold as a commodity? Who amoungst us gave a flying fuck about Tara and lifted a finger to preserve this centrepiece of Irish history and identity!? VERY FEW OF US.

So what on Earth gives us the idea that the newcomers to our island will find any significance in these concerns? Has that even entered our minds? Has that suddenly become wrong for a people to factor in when opening their borders to strangers?

A culture of cultures, with no dominant culture to oversee it, is what awaits Ireland within all our lifetimes. What will arise out of this hodge-podge Euro-Afro-Asian-American melting pot is a Frankenstein’s Monster, only recognisable to us today because it will speak English. The bare minimum requirement to call yourself Irish in this futuristic nightmare. The language that allows a person access to business and the most existentially vacant culture on the planet to date: The Anglosphere.

In 2005, former President of Dublin City University, Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski, projected that ethnic Irish will be a minority in their own country by 2050. Speaking with The Irish Times, Prondzynski said:

“Whether this turns out to be an accurate prediction or not, we have to prepare for a very different kind of society.

“It needs to be a planned process to ensure our skills needs are being met…a very substantial increase in population will be needed over a long period of time.

“And I don’t think people have quite realized this yet.”

In a speech at DCU he warned, or threatened, that if the Irish attempt to stop the flow of immigrants it will seriously harm our economy and push us out onto the economic periphery of Europe.

In 2011 census data estimated 15.5% of residents in Ireland are not ethnically Irish. This is up an astronomical 15% from 1999. In 2009 The Galway City Development Board told us that 20% of Galway residents aren’t ethnically Irish. Informal statistics as-of 2014 estimates 20% of Irish residents aren’t ethnically Irish.

With the recent rush through European borders, the Irish government has pledged to take 20,000 refugees in – 0.5% of our overall population and 0.6% if you only count ethnic Irish. Despite our State being unable to cope with the number, never mind house it’s own homeless and feed it’s own impoverished, activists are begging the government to take in even more! And seen as the borders of Europe aren’t closing any, Angela Merkel’s government is insisting that we share an equal shoulder of the burden as millions are flooding in.

Call me alarmist, but the prediction cast in 2005 by der fuhrer… erm.. sorry. Professor Ferdinand von Pondzynski is now obsolete as we’re looking at losing demographic prominence in our own country by about 10% per year!

So what has this got to do with multiculturalism, you might ask? Absolutely nothing. They’re just fucking people in on top of us!

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