Open Letter to Yellow Vest Ireland

You may be interested in reading or listening to the audio of my writeup on the Yellow Vests, which deals with the Loyalist eviction gangs and their likely source and ultimate purpose.

If you’re in the Yellow Vests as a leader or activist, you likely have no idea who I am. I’m just an Irishman who likes to antagonise the Alt Right, take the piss out of the National Party, and lend constructive criticism to Irish Nationalists across the board. Give me a few moments to turn that attention toward you.

What the hell are ye at? You’re all over the place. But before I get into why you seem to be all over the place I’m going to give you a hot tip that will help refine your goals: Demand a return to Brehon Law.

If you don’t what Brehon Law is, please go open a new tab and visit The Brehon Law Academy. Kevin Flanagan is doing amazing work to re-educate Ireland on its ancient and, frankly, superior legal structure. He has numerous videos on YouTube and interviews out there for free to learn the basics and structure. Sure, it’s exotic. Most people won’t have a clue what you’re on about, but let’s not be victims of our own low expectations. We live in the age of social media, allowing thousands to hear about and learn about Brehon Law in the matter of hours.

Why Brehon Law? Uh.. so we don’t have to go reinventing the wheel with this Citizens Initiated Referenda nonsense that’s only been tested out in failed countries in South America. Because it’s our ancient birthright and by no means outdated by our modern world. People will be genuinely excited by the notion of returning to their roots. The current legal system, which we adopted from England after we supposedly gained independence from them, is not fit for our purposes. It’s riddled with precedences that harm us. Brehon Law can stand as an alternative system, running alongside Common Law in a transitory period, that will give Irish people the option of accessing justice – protecting us from the old boys’ club of world government and transnational corporations – allowing us to repossess our homes, our natural resources, and our local governments. It won’t even be that big of a change in how we already do things as our Common Law has Brehon vestiges left over. All we’re missing are the Brehons themselves.

Now let’s talk about your list of demands. Most of which I applaud you on:

  • We demand, Citizens initiated Referenda.
  • Immediate halt on all evictions and cameras allowed in all civil courts.
  • Leo Varadkar, declare a General Election & resign.
  • Cervical Cancer HSE staff responsible fired & Simon Harris resign.
  • Constitutional protection of Ireland’s water from privatisation
  • Medicinal Cannabis legalised immediately.
  • Prohibition on TDs from being housing Landlords or beneficiaries.
  • Return Ireland’s Oil & Gas reserves to public ownership.
  • An effective means to Remove corrupt Gardai, civil servants & judges.
  • Immediate distribution of Food/fuel vouchers for people going hungry and cold.
  • Cap rent per bedroom to €400 per month.
  • Abolishment of the TV Licence.
  • Enforce full corporate tax rate on multinationals and collect revenues owed.
  • A Raise in minimum wage to actual living costs.
  • Abolish household charge and property tax.

I figured reading the full list was important, to spread the message. I could pick holes in 3 of these demands, but something else bothers me even more. Why no mention of immigration?

When Yellow Vest Ireland started it was declared that everyone was welcome with all of their concerns, and that the movement was neither Left nor Right or anything else particularly, but for the people. You then asked the people on your Facebook group to tell you what issues concern them and should go into a list of demands. On almost every post that vaguely touched on the subject, countless people following you said that immigration and demographic replacement mattered to them. We said it over and over and over again – yet it isn’t in this list. What gives?

When you staged your first demonstration in Dublin on Saturday (Dec 15th) the genius behind the group stepped forward publicly. From reports of his friends and Yellow Vest supporters, People Before Profit accused him of being a Neo-Nazi – and by all accounts this man is nowhere near the far right. These Marxist-Trotskyite shills are just opportunists who would call a three year old child a Nazi if it served their narrative. So it looks to me like a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.

Demand the end to the Direct Provision centre scam and demographic replacement – get called Nazis.

Don’t demand the end to the Direct Provision centre scam and demographic replacement – get called Nazis.

So why not satisfy a real concern and alienate a huge contingent of politically aware and active Irish people? May I suggest that perhaps this is a deliberate decision?

As a side note, I also see nothing in here about the EU. Another concern many of your 7,000 so-called “members” have.

Let’s Talk Immigration

I’ve covered this somewhat in my articles and on my channel, but it’s also been covered extensively by countless others as well. But let’s just have a rundown on what the problem actually is, without having to employ racism and bigotry.

In 2005, then-President of Dublin City University said that Irish people will be a minority in their own country by 2050 and that this is a good thing because the country will need more workers. Reducing the identity of the Irish and our country down to money and demographics – a mentality I thought the Yellow Vests would want to rescue us from, given that it’s this mentality which has ruined the place.

Up until around the end of the century Ireland had a very small immigrant population. In under 20 years the face of this country has changed dramatically, with roughly 20% of our population today being non-Irish. This needs to be recognised as both a change and a massive change for a society to undergo in a short period. Then an individual must take it upon themselves to decide what that change entails and whether they’re comfortable with it, as well as the future projections of an Irish minority within another 20 years. Many of us already have gone through this process and we’ve decided, for a number of reasons, we’re not happy with it.

It also needs to be recognised that this demographic shift is not organic. We all agree our establishment is corrupt – well, these wankbags have been incentivising the demographic shift all along. Think about it – why would anyone come here willingly? Because they love Ireland and Irish culture? Because they enjoy the rain and the freakish weather patterns hammering us from the Atlantic? Something’s not right when a considerable number of our own children are migrating for better lives, yet people from all over the world are migrating here. Supposedly we’re importing doctors and engineers, yet our native doctors and engineers can’t build a life here.

Now consider the Project Ireland 2040, which claims that our population will increase by a quarter within the next 20 years. That’s from 4.7 million by about another million. A huge population boost, which will make every other city in the country as annoying to live in and commute through as Dublin is today. It’s huge and unnatural. The Project concerns itself with building the infrastructure necessary to host that 25% population boom, and aren’t they doing a fantastic job so far? Not a homeless person to be seen and everyone receives medical care within a reasonable time frame, and crime is plummeting, right? Reckon we’re ready for this?

The Project explicitly informs us that a large portion of this population increase will come from immigration. This doesn’t bode well for the 80% of us that are left, given the last spate of economically-driven migration has left us with only 40% of our young people. According to the Central Statistics Office, between the years 2011 and 2016, so-called “white Irish” only grew by 0.2%, with the greatest population growth being “Other (Incl. mixed background)”, whatever the fuck that means, at 11.6%. Every other ethnic group rose several-fold more than the indigenous Irish have, except for the African population which dropped by 0.3% – probably because they had the same common sense as our children and left for more prosperous lands.

Given the EU and UN’s fetish for immigration from the 3rd world into the first, I think we natives will be an ethnic minority in our own country WAY before 2050. Again – this is change. This is dramatic change. What does it mean? What are the results of that change? Can we handle it? Do you want it?

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