Our Coat of Arms

Continuing the symbolism and power power of family and kingdom coats of arms while adapting it to better reflect our people, this is a proposed emblem for the Identitarian movement of Ireland – for simpler form, the boar can be displayed alone or for a more Generation Identitaire feel, Just the royal blue background with the deep green lambda in the circle. Let’s take a look at the symbolism:

Round Shield: Not typical Norman/Saxon/Celtic heraldry, but the round shield has been more characteristic of Ireland and other earlier Celtic civilizations. The circular shape is also more symbolic of our ancient religion than the more angular Saxon shields.

Colours: The colours both play a dual role. On one level the blue represents the Norman blood that makes up our people and the green represents the Gaelic blood that makes up our people. On the traditional heraldry level the blue represents Truth and Loyalty – concepts that should be fundamental to any movement that wishes to defend our people and heritage. We must hold fast to Truth at all times and remain Loyal. The green represents Hope, Joy, and Loyalty in Love – we must remember to hold on to the character of our island which is to be joyful and hopeful, as well as deeply value all of our relationships. These attributes speak to an individual’s attitude to the world, so it should stand as a reminder that the battle for our culture and kine is largely waged within.

The Boar: In heraldry this animal symbolises bravery, courage, and fierceness in battle. More specifically, it represents a resilience that never ends. The boar, as an animal, can charge for miles when in pursuit. The boar is also the symbol of the Europe-wide “Bloc Identitaire.”

The Starry Plough: Originally the flag flown by our most recent forefathers who fought for an independent State of Ireland, independent from The Crown. This could be seen as objectionable as those who flew that flag were Marxist-Socialists for the most part. We should recognise their context within history and know that they would be behind us in our struggle, within our context in history. This arrangement of stars is a traditionally recognised in Ireland as An CamchĂ©achta or The Plough within the Ursa Major constellation. We agree with the sentiment of James Connolly, that “a free Ireland shall control it’s own destiny, from the plough to the stars.”

Triangle Pattern: In heraldry is representative of Protectiveness. The guarding of territory. This shape is also the lambda letter of the Greek alphabet, chosen by Generation Identitaire for their symbol (below). The lambda symbol was displayed on the shields of Spartan warriors.