The Genesis of Racial Tension in Ireland

Americanism is a supremely dominant culture in the English-speaking world. It percolates down into other cultures via their media and other powerful industries, slowly changing us. We Irish, being shielded until just recently from other cultures, have no idea how unique a worldview we possess. A lot has been said about the cultural gap between the Irish and the immigrants flooding into our and other countries, yet we would be fools to not look to the West. The American mentality is harsh, spiteful, tense, and often unforgiving. They’re also very racial in their worldview.

Much to the displeasure of my audience – mainly my American audience – I’ve decided to share my life with an American woman of mixed dissent. When she arrived in the country she felt as though a thick fog had been lifted. She found us Irish to be very gentle, respectful, and overall joyful in our disposition – much like herself as an individual person. A major point of difference for her was a sincere lack of racial prejudice. Although she’s only as dark as an Italian, yet with dreaded hair, she still expected to be identified as black and thus treated differently. She wasn’t treated differently, except in one particular instance as we walked down a side-street in Galway together, and a dark African passed us from the other direction. He beamed a look of disgust at her, which we could only presume was him taking offense at what he saw as a mixed race couple. Her first and only experience of racism in Ireland to this day. I tell this story to illustrate what it is that we have here and what we stand to lose.

America, with it’s unique experience of race relations which have been formed over the course of hundreds of years is exporting that fucked up paradigm to the rest of the English-speaking world. White Nationalism, the Alt Right, or whatever you want to call it, is informing the newly arising Nationalist movement in Ireland. It would make much more sense for the New Right of mainland Europe to inform our new Nationalism, but the language barrier impedes that almost entirely. As a result, we have young Nationalists in Ireland who now see the 100 or so black ethnic groups arriving in our country as one. Although they should be seen as one whole group – unwelcome settlers – they are in fact not one whole group, and seeing them as such poses a hidden danger.

On the other side of this continuum you have the Black Nationalists from America who are also informing black identity over here. Watch or listen to this snippet I took from an interview with Professor Griff, a much loved founding father of Hip Hop culture. He’s being interviewed by a black BRITISH podcast which focuses on “the black community”. This mentality is indicative of a rising attitude in black Britons. Even though not all black Britons come from the same place and share the same culture, they’re congealing into a mega-culture, and with the help of the Internet, they’re beginning to have their identity be informed by wacko Afrocentrists from the United States and further merging with them.

So not only do these idiots see themselves as one whole entity, they look at so-called white people as one whole entity and call us the devil. Both their culture and history is being erased in exchange from a globalist identity, and our culture and history is being erased in exchange for a globalist identity. And generally neither of these identities have anything to do with reality, but dogmas and wishful thinking. Despite the unreality of all this, when I hear Professor Griff call all Europeans the devil, and won’t allow exception for any marginalized group of Europeans from this indictment, I as a recently oppressed European can’t help but become defensive and feel more white as a result. This is against my intellectual conviction that I am not white, yet Professor Griff has made me so. It would follow that when an angry Irishman spray paints an African’s home with “blacks out”, that they’d feel more black and less like their individual ethnicity. In my reading, this is bad news and can only go in one direction.

And now let’s look at the 3rd party in this dynamic. I could put a name to the people who are behind this 3rd party, but I’d suffer the same fate as Tyson Fury for doing so. So let’s just leave it at, these cunts are always playing these games. It’s groups like equality commissions and charities who classify blacks as one whole entity and whites as one whole entity, going on to convince the blacks that they’re universally excluded from society and whites are universally dominant. They further encourage unity between skin colours that wouldn’t normally exist in the first place. Black people will get angry and work together to rectify this imaginary problem and white people will get angry and work together to stop their countries from being colonized.

As this confluence of forces feed off of each other and become stronger and stronger, we and they will have to surrender more and more of what makes them unique, and worse-yet, they will soon be the majority in our country and likely genocide the few of us left, seen as we’re the White Devil and all.

It’s my conviction that these people are not necessarily our enemy, but pawns in a grand global chessboard, being moved around by that aforementioned 3rd party. It would be a wiser tactic to avoid classifying all Africans as one ethnicity, all Middle Easterners as one ethnicity, and ourselves as all one ethnicity, and instead focus on that 3rd party – removing them from our country and putting an end to their ceaseless wars in Africa and the Middle East, so that one day we might be able to send all of these people back home on boats.

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  1. Patrick says:

    The above 2 minute youtube video is a video of an American woman who is a professional academic who is discussing her efforts to convince people in Latin America she sees as Black to identify primarily with Blackness as opposed to the national identity they have as a citizen of their ocuntry of birth.

    I am not opposed to someone identifying primarily with their Blackness but this sort of identification in the North American context is often based on feelings of resentment towards the nation one resides in and so this academic, while she may mean well, is basically trying to stir up racial strife in Latin America by promoting her North American racial understandings there.

    In the video she talks about how people with darker skin tones in some of these Latin American nations will just call themselves Bolivian or Brazilian rather than identifying with their race. I am not against racial identification but in the North American context the racial identification is done to stir up trouble.