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So it’s coming up again for the annual renewal of the IrishIdentitarian.com domain name. I considered packing it in last year, but asked you good folks to throw some spare change my way if you want to see the site and channel remain, and I thank those benefactors again and apologise that I haven’t done a whole lot with it. I’m going to renew the domain again, but we’re going to do things a little different this time.

The truth is I’ve said all I have to say – after all, telling everyone in the movement what they’re doing wrong dries up pretty quickly – and when it comes to people pontificating on YouTube, there are now more Irish doing that than ever before, and some of them more ballsy and articulate than I. So instead of doing something I really have no passion for, and thus no motivation to do regularly, I’ve looked at what is required and what I’m capable of doing. It’s something that requires more than one person involved, though: an e-zine for the entire movement.

There are now three different parties, as well as Generation Identity (if they’re even still around) and other conservative parties and groups such as Renua. There are great on-the-ground journalist and pundit YouTube channels like Grand Torino, Gemma O’Doherty, The Don and his friends. There are events and issues, campaigns and protests. All of this, scattered around the Internet for people to find on their own or be notified about by their immediate social circle or organisation. Maybe I’m not the one to do it for a host of possible reasons, but we need a non-partisan magazine that any Irish rebel can refer to and get the weekly or monthly download. Social media is great – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter – some big pages and channels out there pumping out our propaganda, but it’s so utterly depressing half the time with the 1,000th news story about how we’re all fucked and the other half, mind-numbing memology. Most people nowadays just don’t bother with it anymore because they value their time and mental health. Also, to revisit my penchant for slinging rocks, almost none of this stuff is constructive in terms of what to do, how to do it, where, and with whom and when.

So here’s the structure for an effective e-zine:

  • Run like a newspaper, it should have a regular release date and come in the form of a PDF or perhaps an independent network of pages on the web for ease of viewing on both PC and mobile.
  • Again, like a newspaper, a hierarchy if there’s more than one involved. A publisher, a chief editor, editors for the various sections. I’m sure all involved will contribute content themselves. The purpose of having this in place is to fact-check and check pieces for spelling and grammar. In my time with the SWP it always puzzled me why their paper was full of spelling, grammar, and typography mistakes. I’m pretty sure that’s why a lot of people didn’t take us seriously, and thank God for that. When a publication is presented purposefully and thoughtfully, it gains automatic recognition.
  • Such a magazine should cover four basis (not to be confused with sections/subjects): Current news, upcoming events (such as conferences, protests, cultural events), historical and cultural pieces, and perhaps comic relief and fictional pieces. Two ancillary sections would be “letters to the editor” and an editorial section for opinion pieces.

At a later time when legal and tax issues are sorted out, we should offer advertisements to individuals and businesses who conform of our vision for Ireland.

Like I said, maybe I’m not the man to do this, but there you go – a list of the very basics of a powerful publication. Maybe someone else can pick up the torch, because this idea has been floating around the scene for quite some time and I’m convinced this is now the time to implement it. A great change is sweeping Europe, it’s about to hit Ireland, and we need to harness it before somebody else does. The ultimate aim would be to have such a publication physically printed in a press and distributed throughout Ireland. A physical imprint of our experiences which will be seen by generations to come. But first, we must transcend the realm of blogs, YouTube channels, and Facebook and Twitter feeds. It must be distinguished from every other form of media we’ve been using thus far.

If you’re interested in this project on any level, from writing to promotion, to anything else you can offer, contact me via the contact page on Irish Identitarian and we’ll build a brainstorming group to get this going. Regardless and in the meantime I’ll be working on the required technology, graphics, and everything else to get The Irish Identitarian off the ground (working title, of course).

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