Yellow Vests, Smellow Shests – May as Well Be Red Vests

One of those times I write up a script, put it on the long finger, and then months later my prediction starts coming to fruition. Let me take you on the trip down memory lane before I get into the Yellow Vests – the few weeks immediately after Court appeals failed and “former” MI5 agent and RUC head, Drew Harris, was appointed as our Garda Commissioner. This is a man with an axe to grind with the Irish as the IRA – or British intelligence posing as the IRA – killed his father in a car bomb back in the 1980s. He was heavily involved with what is now known as “Collusion” – the training, arming, and otherwise facilitating Loyalist gangs to murder Catholic civilians. He also recently served on the Historical Enquiries Team, a unit of the Northern police force tasked with investigating cases involving the unlawful killing of civilians and other crimes by the State during “The Troubles”, and then writing up reports on those cases with the intention of those documents being used in court in the commission of justice. Agent Harris had the final say on the contents of all those documents.
At his very first press conference as Garda Commissioner he said all he could to assuage the fears of the public over his conflict of interest, and then went on to say that the greatest threat against the State is Dissident Republicans. Why there wasn’t uproar over this clearly myopic, prejudiced, and groundless, claim is beyond my comprehension. I expected at least for SOMEONE in the mainstream or alternative media to call this statement out as delusional, as there is no such thing as Dissident Republicans in Ireland anymore. Do you know any? I don’t. Can you think of any other greater threats to Ireland right now? I certainly can.
The deeper truth of this matter is that Agent Harris wasn’t lying. Sure, there are no Dissident Republicans RIGHT NOW, but he’s going to make sure that there are pretty soon. All to not only legitimize his job, but to fit into a wider globalist scheme. My predictions from just a few months ago was this: a Socialist revolution is coming our way. With the rise of The Yellow Vest movement and the reaction of ordinary Irish people to it, I’d say my unpublished prediction is about to come to fruition.
Only weeks after Agent Harris’ appointment, several armed riot Gardaí donning balaclavas surrounded a building in Dublin City Centre, protecting a private security force (also in balaclavas) as they evicted some tenants and squatters. At some unknown point, the Gardaí also participated in the raid. Due to a clever misinformation campaign by the media, the public were led to believe that only the private security were masked and for the purposes of avoiding personal harassment – yet photographs and footage abounds of Gardaí who were completely unidentifiable except for a tiny badge on their shoulders facing upwards with a Reg number on it, which you’d have to get within 2 ft in order to see. If you look back at the incident you’ll see these officers were in no way approachable in order to be later identified, if they were to act inappropriately. This angered the nation’s politically active population – social media was on fire for days with some talking about taking up arms and planting bombs – a response which I personally believe to be understandable considering the flagrant abuse of Law on display that day. What didn’t help matters was an old police van involved in the operation – parked across the street – with Manchester registration.
In short: Agent Harris wanted Dissident Republicans and he manufactured them out of ordinary, well-meaning, Irish citizens by orchestrating a display of police state brutality which invoked genetic memories of “The Troubles.” This is Agent Harris’ agenda. He says the greatest threat to the Irish State is Dissident Republicans, but what he really means is the greatest threat is the Irish people themselves.
There are many tactics of both covert and overt warfare, and one of those is to provoke your adversary into conflict before they’re sufficiently numbered and armed.
Now let’s look toward the Yellow Vests. A movement sparked by unfair fuel taxation which directly impacts working and ordinary people. Nobody can seem to tell me who started the whole reflective vest idea or where/when it started, so it’s reasonable to suspect it was some Madison Avenue brainchild. The idea was that every car in France is legally obligated to have a reflective jacket in their car, so that being the most readily available, and wearable thing, it was easily turned into meme that everyone could grab onto and project their own meaning into. Right now it’s being used for just about any purpose to cause havoc for the establishment by everyone across the political spectrum – whether it be ordinary people sick of being fucked around by their own government, the so-called Right pissed off over the EU’s replacement program, or the so-called Left “smashing Capitalism” by looting stores. The movement, or the meme rather, has spread to Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, Israel, and Germany, with possible uprisings occurring in Italy, Canada, and Ireland.
So now, let’s look at how the contagion has effected Ireland.
Today as I write this, the first Yellow Vest demonstration is being held in Dublin City. It was organised by the only successful group using the name which built its network on Facebook, numbering at 4,000 Likes, after only being online for a little over a week. It got its initial audience by reposting news from the demonstrations in France and making calls for the people of Ireland to unite and stage a similar insurrection. Judging by my Facebook feed – which is 90% family and actual real-life friends, this uprising is very popular amoung the Irish as many of the younger people who never once said anything vaguely political, in real life or in a Facebook update, are now sharing these news stories. Many of them have Liked the popular Yellow Vest page. It seems this is spreading like a flu across the continent.
This Facebook page has mysterious administrators behind it. On the surface they are calling for people of all political persuasions to unite and complain about a substantial list of problems facing our population. They claim to be a mix of Left and Right, but an astute commenter once said the only admin they see posting are Right wing ones. A few videos and other propaganda pieces by People Before Profit and other subversive Trotskyite elements, but a healthy majority of commenters shouted those posts down. There appears to be a media war afoot between the Left alternative media and Right alternative media, over whether the Yellow Vests is a Right wing movement being hijacked by the Left or a Left wing movement being hijacked by the Right – although this battle is confined to the imaginations of these media firms. Objective analysis certainly shows a broad intersection of Left and Right, with a few regions explicitly Nationalist – such as in England. Herein lies the problem.
On 11th of December a French man going by the name Roman Light put out a video in English which reached half a million views, effectively speaking on behalf of the Yellow Vests, heralding a new movement… which is really an old movement – Direct Democracy or Citizens Referendum Initiative, or as it’s called in France, oui to RIC. Direct Democracy is a pipe dream that’s been floating around for a while now – the idea that the average person should concern themselves with decisions made not only in their locality, but in the entire nation. It’s an initiative favoured by the newly reformed governments of Latin America. We had a joke of our own Direct Democracy here in Dublin, Ireland, called The Citizens’ Assembly which deserves an article of its own – that abomination resulted in the volley of planned referenda we’re almost in the middle of, starting with the article guaranteeing a child’s equal right to life. This is what’s popular with the majority of Yellow Vests and the aspiring Irish Yellow Vests – the cannibalising of our Constitutions… rather, the driving of our Constitutions into redundancy by constantly altering them.
The problem is that the people – throughout the entire world, it seems – no longer have faith in representative Democracy. Many countries, particularly our own, have been in decades-long political and social apathy. We’ve been living for generations with the knowledge and feeling our governments are simply there to stop things exploding and syphon off our wealth – and we’re right. It seems that we’ve all been sitting in a massive powder keg and all that was needed was for somebody to strike a match in just the right way to set it all off.
Cast your mind back to The Arab Spring and the Colour Revolutions – mass movements that came out of nowhere by all accounts, sparked by social media. I don’t think people appreciate how difficult it is to whip up an entire nation into a singular mind via social media without the help of the corporation’s algorithm or mountains of cash and/or online operatives – even cat videos don’t get that much coverage. With the advent of Web 2.0 (social media) we’ve become more intensely socially aware – by that I mean, more aware of what other people care about. Most of us have been reduced to drones adopting fads, or memes as we affectionately call them. How funny really was Gangnam Style or the moth at the window meme, and how much of that was “peer pressure”? It’s called mass hysteria, and Human history is replete with it – witch burnings, open air Calvinist masses resulting in psychosis, hundreds of teen girls at boy band appearances, and now Internet “causes.”
Social media heralds the Yellow Vest movement as an uprising of the people, with many celebrating clashes with authority figures and destruction of private and public property. They have it in their heads that this behaviour has the elites shaking in their boots, despite not one single politician getting lynched or corporation being divested of its properties. They scream “if only we just got rid of this lot!” and on several occasions I’ve asked “and install who in their stead?” A question that has been repeatedly ignored. What will replace the current corrupt system will be something infinitely more horrible – the general will of the people. Something we’ve been spoon fed from birth to believe is an inherently positive and just thing. Something possible in small groups, like the evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar suggested – any group of 150 people or less. Just like going out to dinner with a group of friends, you end up in a place none of you object to. That’s tolerable for the occasional meal, but a disaster for reinventing a country. Maybe you and most of your friends are weak willed or so divided over where you don’t want to eat, that one of you has to step up and make an executive decision – something Communists are well known for throughout history. I can see that happening to Ireland as the majority of us are Socialists to begin with.
This was a long and rambly post, but these things needed to be said by someone. At the very least to aid in our civilisation’s autopsy. Someone very clever, with plenty of resources, and working with millennia of experience of population control, has set a very dangerous thing in motion. Likely they’ll get what they want out of it, but we always have a chance to steer the boat in our favour if we’re honest about the hand we’re being dealt and play it properly. The people of Ireland are ready for a solution to the nightmare which is our history – whose solution will they enact?

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